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  "Best Of" CD Coming this Spring
CD Update
Producer John Hancock & I started tracking the 2 new tunes this week and we should have these songs ready to wrap up by the end of the month. I have a photo shoot next week for the album so I may need your input to pick the CD cover...

Self & Relationships

Television Segments
2/23 "Find Your Voice to Say "No" KSL TV's "Studio 5" 11-noon
3/16 "Setting Personal Boundaries" KSL TV's "Studio 5 11-noon
Watch past relationship advice TV segments
HERE. Find out about future segments on my EVENTS page.  
TV News Segments
Channel 2 KUTV News interviewed me for a recent segment called "Power Affairs: Why men who have it all cheat". Click HERE to watch the segment.  
Send Me Your Relationship Questions 
 I'll be answering relationship questions on my JulieHanks.com blog and on the Wasatch Woman Blog. Email YOUR relationship questions to me HERE.


What's New at Wasatch Family Therapy
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Women's Workshop 
Wed. March 3, 7-9 PM 
REGISTER NOW for this workshop. Limited to 10 participants.
With enlightening lecture and dynamic discussion this interactive workshop is designed to help you understand differences in how men and women approach physical intimacy, overcome challenging beliefs about your body, decrease emotional barriers to intimacy and learn to communicate your needs and preferences. I hope you'll join me! 
"Honoring the Child Within"
"Creating a Space For You"
and more... READ IT HERE
 Workshops, Appearances, Speaking
2/18  7pm Preventing Emotional Burnout, Odgen, UT
2/20 10am Prevnting Emotional Burnout, Provo, UT
2/23 11am Studio 5 Segment KSL TV
2/27 TBA Preventing Emotional Burnout, Logan, Ut
If you're interested in scheduling me to present to your church or community group contact me HERE. 


 Ask Julie
Sharing Hurt Feelings With Husband
I recently received an email asking the following question...
"My husband and I have been married for almost 4 years. My problem is that I have always had a really hard time sticking up for myself and when we get in arguments he tends to say things that really hurt my feelings. I have never had a lot of confidence in myself and when he says hurtful things it brings me down more. I have always had a hard time with holding things in since I grew up in a family that didn't really talk about our feelings we always just kind of held things in. I need some advice on how to learn to stick up for myself so that I can feel more confident in myself?"
To read my advice CLICK HERE
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