March 2011 /  Issue 10  

I Smell a Topsmelt
I Smell A Topsmelt

Why should you watch out for topsmelt caught between Santa Monica and Seal Beach piers? 

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Safe Fish to Eat are Here
healthy fish to eat

Not all fish caught off the Palos Verdes Shelf are off limits. Most of them are safe to eat if you follow our guidelines

What are they?

Do You Know How That Tuna Was Caught? 
Whole Foods Label

Shopping for sustainable seafood can be confusing. Find out what Whole Foods is doing to make it easier. 

Here's How

Why Sediment Info Matters
Palos Verdes Shelf

Everything you wanted to know about the origins of  sediment contamination off Southern California's coast and how it affects you. 

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A Note from Carmen

In our 10th issue, we recap our last Partners' Meeting and feature a wealth of useful articles on fish contamination.  + Read Now 

Did You Know?

Fish feed on crustaceans and smaller marine life near the pier. If you're pier fishing, cast your line near the pilings instead of out into the ocean.

logosThe Fish Contamination Education Collaborative (FCEC) is a consortium of federal, state and local agencies as well as community organizations collaborating to address the public health risks associated with eating contaminated fish related to the Palos Verdes Shelf Superfund Site. FCEC is the public outreach and education component of the USEPA's Institutional Controls program that works in conjunction with monitoring and enforcement efforts.