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January 2010

Happy 2010! We're off to a running start here at Crossroads for Women. This month, we have an outpatient aftercare therapy group starting up again in Portland and a new IOP starting in Kennebunk. You'll also read about our work with women suffering from chronic pain at our Kennebunk Counseling Center.

In the works for February, we will be starting a depression / anxiety therapy group in Kennbunk (FMI: 207.467.3369) and a therapy group for friends and family members affected by addiction in both Portland and Kennebunk (FMI: Portland-207.773.9931, Kennebunk-207.467.3369). More details will come out soon, but call now if you're interested in joining one of these groups before they fill up!
IOP Starts at Kennebunk Counseling Center on January 25th 
Kennebunk group roomWe have run an IOP for several years in Portland and have had many requests to start one at our new satellite outpatient office since we opened less than a year ago. In response, we are excited to announce an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) will start on Monday, January 25th at our Kennebunk Counseling Center location.

Crossroads for Women's IOP is a structured but flexible combination of group therapy options that provide substance
abuse treatment either 3, 4 or 5 days per week at 3 hours a day. Exact length of treatment is dependent upon each client's individual need.

when: Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 12:00pm
where: Kennebunk Counseling Center, 2 Livewell Drive, Suite 202, Kennebunk
FMI: 207.467.3369 or email

Kennebunk Counseling Center is open Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm. Evening and weekend hours are available by appointment. For more information or to access services, call 207.467.3369 or email.

The Aftercare Group (TAG) is back and meeting on Thursday evenings
Portland OP group roomCrossroads for Women has run The Aftercare Group (TAG) in the past for women who have had some substance abuse treatment, and thus sobriety, under their belt. While this therapy group was stopped for a short time, we are bringing it back on Thursday evenings starting January 21st. Emily Van Strien, LADC will facilitate the therapy group.

TAG provides supportive aftercare once a week for women who are involved in substance abuse treatment and who are taking action to maintain their sobriety. Themes may include: interrupting relapse warning signs, healthy relationships, communication, money and self-sufficiency, community, spirituality and service, supportive daily practices, manifesting hopes and dreams, managing stress and sober fun.

when: Thursdays, 6:00pm - 7:30pm
where: Crossroads for Women Outpatient Office, 66 Pearl Street, Suite 202, Portland
counselor: Emily Van Strien, LADC
FMI: 207.773.9931 or email

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Managing the Emotional Aspect of Pain
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A recent article found on talked about how living with chronic pain can hurt personal relationships. Those living with chronic pain knows how truly debilitating it can be. It can keep you from doing simple things like going to the grocery store, playing with your kids, going to a social event or even working. It is not uncommon for emotional health problems, like depression or anxiety, to accompany physical pain.

In addition, the reality for a number of people is that addiction to the prescribed medications to treat chronic pain can occur. The stress of the chronic pain itself can lead many sufferers to abuse alcohol and/or drugs to help mask the physical and emotional pain.
Crossroads for Women believes that effective pain management should take a holistic approach, addressing mind, body and spirit. At Kennebunk Counseling Center, we can work with your pain management specialist to coordinate a treatment plan tailored to your specific and unique needs. This may mean working one-on-one with one of our licensed counselors or attending a group therapy session. For more information, call 207.467.3369.

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Jennifer Barbour
Jennifer Barbour, communications specialist
Crossroads for Women
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IOP Starts at Kennebunk Counseling Center on January 25th

TAG is back and meeting on Thursday evenings

Managing the Emotional Aspect of Pain

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