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"Today, I am healthy. I am a good person, a good mom, friend and employee. I am functional, no longer dysfunctional. Every day, I am getting closer to being who I wanted to be."       

~ Crossroads for Women client
Crossroads for Women
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We have all been affected by addiction in some way, whether directly or indirectly. It could be a co-worker, a family member, or you may be in recovery yourself. Addiction to drugs or alcohol knows no boundaries. Today, I ask you to show your support for our work fighting addiction by donating to Crossroads for Women.

Crossroads for Women began as one short-term residence here in Maine more than 30 years ago when gender-specific substance abuse treatment was virtually non-existent. We now offer Maine's most comprehensive treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues specialized for women only across a variety of treatment programs.

The women we treat don't always shout from the rooftops that they've gone through our programs, but the effects can be felt in the community around you. You can feel it when a child is re-united with his mother. When a woman commits to a healthier lifestyle, strengthens her family relationships, finds better work or goes back to school. Or, when she finally finds the self-confidence and safety she may have never felt before in her life.

The truth is that a tremendous stigma still exists, especially for mothers, when it comes to a woman being addicted to drugs or alcohol. With your gift, we can continue to expand and improve our services for women throughout Maine. Just $25 will educate a family member or friend about a loved one's addiction. $80 gives a woman an hour of counseling. $120 pays for a day in our Intensive Outpatient Program, and $214 provides for one day of residential treatment.

We work hard to break common barriers to treatment for women, like lack of transportation or childcare, and provide a safe, welcoming environment where clients can concentrate on themselves and their recovery. Just over the past two years we have increased the number of women admitting to our programs by 31%. Last year, 545 women who live throughout the state of Maine were able to access services. But, there's much work to be done. Please click on the Make a Donation button below and donate today.

Make a Donation

If you prefer not to donate online, you may send your donation to Crossroads for Women, Attn: Shirley Cronin, 66 Pearl Street, Suite 326, Portland, ME 04101. Checks should be made payable to Crossroads for Women.
Thank you for your support,

Barbara L. Dacri

Executive Director
Crossroads for Women
P.S. Crossroads for Women is where you would send your mother, sister or daughter for outpatient or residential treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues so she can remember who she wanted to be. Your contribution will directly affect women, their families and the community around them and is tax deductible.

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