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December 2008

This issue of Crossroads for Women's e-Newsletter addresses the challenge of being in recovery during the holiday season. It's a crazy time for all of us, and I wish all of you safe and happy celebrations. In other news, the e-Newsletter will be taking a couple months off, as I will be on maternity leave. See you in 2009!
Beating the holiday blues, staying sober this holiday season
Holiday Candles
Many of us are feeling the pressure and excitement of the holiday season. There's shopping to get done, family and friends to visit and all those parties that seem to pop up from now until the new year. All the festivities tend to bring lots of highs and lows. And if you're in recovery or are close to someone in recovery, this time can be especially challenging.

Being separated from family or friends can be hard this time of year. Difficult memories from past holiday seasons of overindulgence can come back to haunt us. The truth is that relapse is often a part of recovery from drug or alcohol addiction, and this is a particularly easy time to surrender to that one thought of using or drinking again.

Most substance abuse or mental health professionals will tell those in recovery, no matter how long they've been sober, to have a holiday plan in place to avoid relapse. Here are some tips directly from Hazelden to prevent the holiday blues and stay sober this season:

Good self-care is vital. Remember to slow down. Take some quiet time each day and work on an attitude of gratitude. Plan relaxation and meditation into your day, even for a few minutes, no matter how busy you are.

Don't overindulge. Go easy on the holiday sweets and follow a balanced diet. Exercise regularly to help maintain your energy level amid a busier schedule. Don't try to do too much. Get plenty of sleep. Maintain some kind of schedule and plan ahead.

Enhance your support system. Holidays are a good time to reach out more frequently to your therapist, sponsor, spiritual advisor, or support group. If you're in recovery, spend time with fellow recovering people.

Find new ways to celebrate. Create some new symbols and rituals that will help redefine a joyful holiday season.  Avoid isolation and spend time with people you like who are not substance users.

Focus on your recovery program. Holidays are also an important time to focus on your recovery program. For example, ask, "What am I working on in my program now?" Discuss this with your sponsor.

Release your resentments. Resentments that gain steam during the holidays can be disastrous for anyone, especially recovering people. The Big Book of "Alcoholics Anonymous" refers to resentment as the No. 1 offender, or the most common factor in failed sobriety.

Read the full article Tips for preventing the holiday blues, staying sober from Hazelden

More holiday tips for those in recovery from Crossroads for Women

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The Season of Giving
Crossroads for WomenCrossroads for Women recently added a Giving page to its website. On the page, you'll find information about donating money or goods to the agency, how to be involved as a recovery speaker, and sponsorship / partner opportunities. We've also set up a Recovery Bookstore for women and families featuring products from Hazelden Publishing. 12% of sales that come from the Crossroads for Women website will be donated to the agency and will go directly to benefit our programs and services. If you are looking for a way to help those in recovery this season, please consider contributing to Crossroads for Women in some way.

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Beating the holiday blues, staying sober this holiday season

The Season of Giving

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