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Girls Getaway to Cambodia

Eight female art therapy graduate students from Naropa University have embarked on a service-learning trip to Cambodia, working with a group that provides shelter to victims of sex trafficking.  With faculty member Sue Wallingford from Boulder, Colorado's Buddhist-inspired university, these women are collaborating with CAM1Transitions Global to help the organization integrate art therapy into its work with victims.  Transitions Global empowers survivors of sex trafficking with the opportunity to heal and recapture the most basic of human rights: freedom and hope. It empowers girls to become strong and independent adults.
CAM boy
The Naropa students will also work with the Raggamuffin Project, an organization that brings the creative arts to children and families suffering from trauma and Anjali House, an orphanage in Siem Reap that offers education and creative expression to children who live in extreme poverty.

cambodia 1
Although they are currently in Cambodia, the students' journey to get there started months ago with a special event to raise money for their travels.  The "Small Resources=Big Possibilities Art Auction Gala" took place on March 17 in Boulder.  The group raised $9,500 auctioning off items that were once ordinary matchboxes and had been transformed into inspired pieces of art by nearly 50 artists.  Donations accepted.

While I am uber-inspired by all cam katieof these women and their work, one stands out to me as not just an artist but also a dear friend.  Katie Hansczaryk is the daughter of my mom's college roommate, Donna, who we traveled throughout Italy with earlier this year.  She is a true inspiration and writes:

"In a growing global community, we are connecting to the pain and suffering not only in our backyards, but also on our whole planet. This project makes me feel as though I am utilizing my skills as a Post-Modern Art therapist, and bringing compassion and awareness to a larger community by shining light on a population that has mostly existed in the shadows."

To read Katie's blog post on 'The Great Divide' and to follow these ladies on a truly inspirational Girls Getaway to Cambodia (from eating crickets to meeting amazing children), click here.
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dove times square 
Once you do, you can stroll through Times Square and see your photo up on a billboard. If you are planning a staycation and can't make it to Times Square this season to see your "moment of fame" live, you will still get to see it as every woman will receive a snapshot of her photo up on the billboard emailed to her. This campaign celebrates the soft and smooth skin women get from using Dove body washes and beauty bars.  Thanks Dove for this fabulous opportunity!

It's hard to believe 2012 is halfway over, and summer is officially here!  What are your summer travel plans?   


I'm thrilled to feature a truly remarkable Girls Getaway to Cambodia, which shows how several women are changing lives and making an impact on those less fortunate.  I believe travel is about experiencing new cultures and moving outside your comfort zone...and this trip does exactly that.        

Girls Getaway to Florence
Katie said it best upon arrival in Florence, if Rome is to visit, Florence is to live, shop and eat! And that's exactly what we did!  

After we checked in to our hotel, Delle Nazioni Hotel Florence, we walked the streets of Florence until we arrived at the Ponte Vecchio (old bridge).  Built in 1345, the Ponte Vecchio is the oldest and most famous bridge across Florence's Arno River.  It is best characterized by the overhanging shops that have lined the bridge since the 12th century.  In 1944, the Ponte Vecchio's fame saved it as Nazis were ordered to blow up all bridges before leaving Florence.  They couldn't bring themselves to do it, so they blew up the ancient buildings on either end instead to block it off.  In the Ponte Vecchio area are great stores, cafes and restaurants...definitely a must see while in Florence.  And be sure to check out O. Volterrani - R. Raddi for some amazing jewelry.  
From the Ponte Vecchio we made our way a few blocks to the Gallerie degli Uffizi.  One of the world's top museums, the Uffizi houses some of the best-known works of the Renaissance, including works by Titian, Leonardo de Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo.  venusThere are masterpieces in every room; we even found a few we didn't know were even there.  We were captivated by the Birth of Venus and Venus of Urbino.  During our tour, we stopped for iced cappuccino at the Uffizi's Cafeteria.  We enjoyed drinks al fresco and basked in the Italian sun.

After soaking in more Renaissance art than one can duomoimagine, we walked to the Piazza Del Duomo for a quick glimpse at the magnificent cathedral.  In what looks like a modern-day wedding cake, the Duomo or Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori showcases bright-colored green and pink pastels, a bell tower and its famous dome that's a symbol of Florence itself.  The structure and piazza represent a very central and historic part of town.  

steakAfter leaving the Piazza Del Duomo, we walked back towards our hotel and found a fabulous restaurant, Trattoria al Trebbio.  Upon sitting down we saw the steaks at the nearby table and knew that's what we wanted.  From veal to steak to pasta to wine, everything here was delectable.  

davidThe next morning we had a hot date with David.  The statue of David, that is.  Galleria dell' Accademia is home to Michelangelo's David that is easily regarded as the most famous sculpture in the world.  Once inside the museum (and on the way to see David), visitors also get to see his Slaves, the artist's unfinished group of sculptures.  As a young sculptor in 1501, Michelangelo took on a slab of marble that had already been worked on by another artist (who declared it unworkable after he  took a huge chunk out of it).  In 1504, at 29 years old, the artist completed the Goliath-sized piece for the city.  Upon looking at the original David in person, you will notice how his hands are oversized, which is due to the fact that he was supposed to be displayed 30 feet in the air.  We were mesmerized by the intricate detail (I stared at the veins in his right hand) and how human-like this piece of marble appeared to be.  

After David, the shopping began.  We walked along pursesVia Dell Oriuolo towards the Central Market.  Along the way we found a great little leather store Pelletteria Anna where we bought five pairs of shoes, one wallet and eight purses.  All great deals.  After a few more blocks, we found an antique flea market.  Katie purchased some Italian ribbon and we found ourselves hungry once again. This time the red chairs attracted us to Ristorante Plaz, located along Via Pietrapiana.  
shopping fan
After gaining a second wind, we were ready for more shopping.  We strolled in and out of the luxury stores along Via De Tournabouni (Dior, Tiffany's, Prada, Cavalli, etc) and found our favorite store in Florence, Michele Negri.  Katie and I tried on negritons of great clothes from dresses to shoes to jackets.  Everything was incredible and exquisitely made.  I finally decided on a dress and high heels....the perfect Italian outfit.  And just as we were leaving Mr. Michele Negri himself made an entrance and posed for a photo opp.  Ironically, we had admired his own clothes and fashion sense a few blocks before we arrived at his store and before we knew who he was.    Another great Italian getaway! 
Next stop: Venice!
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Thanks for reading! Wishing you safe travels!    

Casey Wohl, The Getaway Girl &
Author of the Girls Getaway Guide series