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Romantic Getaways on Daytime TV 

romantic daytimeLooking for a romantic getaway?  Watch the most recent Daytime TV Show travel segment with The Getaway Girl® to discover some of the best travel destinations for you and your loved one.  Click on the image above.


Heartbeat Radio for Women

heartbeat As the Travel Correspondent for Heartbeat Radio for Women, Casey Wohl takes radio and online listeners on a journey every Thursday at 9:30 AM (EST).  With the increased popularity in her travel segment, she will also be featured every Sunday at noon (EST).  Be sure to listen for great travel trips, tips and ideas during her twice weekly features. 

Upcoming Events

February 25 - March 1
Girls Getaway to Jamaica

Are you feeling irie, mon?  What could be better than a tropical Girls Getaway to the third largest island in the Caribbean? Find out as we visit Jamaica Inn and Round Hill Hotel & Villas.  


March 3

Festival Getaway Destinations on Daytime TV

Looking for the perfect festival getaway?  Watch the Daytime TV Show March 3 for details.  


March 11-15

Girls Getaway to Berlin 

As the capital of Germany, Berlin is home to renowned universities, sporting events, museums and personalities. The Hotel Concorde Berlin will host us for this shopping and fashion themed trip!   


April 1-3

Girls Getaway to Palm Beach 

With beautiful beaches, world-class restaurants, art and antiques and one-of-a-kind shopping destinations like Worth Avenue, Palm Beach is the perfect place for a Girls Getaway.  Follow our adventures as we enjoy our stay at The Brazilian Court Resort and Beach Club.

August 8-9
Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Annual Conference

The Getaway Girl® will speak at FPRA's 73rd Annual Conference, PR 2011: The Evolution of Public Relations, which will join PR professionals from around the region to enhance their career.  

 Girlfriend Getaway Photos

This month's Girlfriend Getaway pic was submitted by Audrey O'Berry of Trinity, TX. 
She writes: "During Christmas Break 2010, I took my two teenage daughters on our own Girls Getaway to Tennessee.  While in Memphis, we toured Graceland, stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel and ate lunch at the diner on grounds.  In Nashville, we went to a George Straight concert, toured the Frist Museum for Visual Arts, saw the historic section and Christmas Land of Lights.  On our last day, Amy took the prospective student tour at Vanderbilt University and we shopped the Green Hills Mall."
Photo taken at Graceland, Memphis, TN.   
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Girls Getaway to Mexico City   

When I was first asked if I was interested in a Girlfriend mexico cityGetaway trip to Mexico City I didn't know how to respond.  That's not really high on my list of destinations to visit.  However, the more I researched Mexico City and what it had to offer, I realized this could be an uncovered travel gem that I must go see.


The trip centered around Fita 2010, which is an international fita signTourism Fair aiming to bring together professionals from the global tourism industry to enhance the promotion and marketing of tourism products and destinations.  As Mexico City is celebrating its 200 anniversary of independence, the city was the logical choice for the inaugural event. 


Upon arrival, we were transported to our hotel for the next westin mexfew nights, the Westin Santa Fe Mexico City, which is ideally positioned in the heart of Mexico City's downtown Santa Fe. The hotel is just a stroll from Expo Bancomer Convention Center, corporate offices, restaurants and shopping at Centro Comercial Santa Fe. This area of Mexico City is very modern in architecture and economics.


We toured the National Museum of Anthropology, which museumcontains the world's largest collection of ancient Mexican art and also has ethnographic exhibits about Mexico's present-day indigenous groups. There is a hall dedicated to each of the cultural regions of Mesoamerica and the ethnological exhibits are located on the second floor.


trade show floorThe conference was quite impressive as representatives from various tourism venues were on hand, including Egypt, Cancun, Bangladesh, Brazil, Panama, Thailand, Guatemala, Columbia, Uruguay, Cuba, Los Cabos, South Africa and China.  We attended a few press conferences,  walked the trade show floor and enjoyed lunch with Mexico City's Tourism Secretary Lic. Alejandro Rojas Diaz Duran.


statueThe next day, we toured Mexico City's Centro Historico and did a night tour through the fabulous Plaza de la Constitucion (or Zocalo) and Templo Mayor, which was one of the main temples of the Aztecs in their capital city of Tenochtitlan, which is now Mexico City.  The plaza is a great place to visit during the day and even more incrediblegirls in square at night as it lights up and serves as a gathering place for people to hang out, catch up and (in some cases) pay homage to the Aztec city located below.


We had a mission to do some vintage clothes shopping and found our first store, Vintage HOE (Heaven On Earth), which is located in the La Roma neighborhood.  Cessie made a few purchases and we were on our way to the next stop when it started raining.  Stop the shopping! Let's head to a bar.  We found the rest of our group at Hotel Brick in the bar, of course.  We had a round (or two) of Lychee Martinis and decided it was time for dinner.


kahloThe next morning we left the Westin for a tour of the city's San Angel area.  Our first stop was the Frida Kahlo house where the influential Mexican painter lived and worked.  Her worked reflected her turbulent life, and we were enlightened as we learned more about this woman who lived most of her life in pain.


We enjoyed lunch at Fonda San Angel Restaurant and Pianocessie Bar where we enjoyed the outdoor seating and the traditional and contemporary Mexican food.  Everything was delicious and we quickly learned to avoid all eye contact with the vendors who walked by our table trying to sell everything from toys to peacock feathers.  The San Angel is also a artgreat place to shop as there are several boutiques, indoor shopping areas and street vendors selling everything from jewelry to home decor.  We all made great purchases in El taller del mueble, so be sure to stop there.


During our last night together, we celebrated at Villa Maria strawberry margaritasRestaurant.  Not only did they serve the biggest Strawberry Margaritas we've ever seen, but they also had an amazing (and interactive) mariachi band who began their set at our table with La Bamba.  Life doesn't get much better!!!!


So what wasn't on our scheduled events that will always bewith band remembered???  Shake face.  We can thank the Brits (we nicknamed them Harry and Potter) for that new phenomenon we have all grown to love.  Meredith's "Snooki Hair."  More tequila than we have ever seen.  Eric's crazy driver's funny we had to take a picture of it. And, of course, the friendship of Meredith, Cessie, Christine, Rosa, Theresa and Amanda. Adios Mexico.  Muchas gracias por los recuerdos!!!!

Thanks for reading! Wishing you safe travels!     Casey Dancing in St Lucia

Casey Wohl, The Getaway Girl® &
Author of the Girls Getaway Guide series