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Upcoming Events
June 5-7
MEGA Book Marketing Conference, Orlando

megaChicken Soup for the Soul co-creator Mark Victor Hansen is hosting another wonderful event in Orlando.  Whether you've only thought about writing a book, have already written a book, or just want to see what it's about, this is an opportunity you don't want to pass up.  You'll get access to the world's top best-selling authors and book marketing strategists, proven book marketing blueprints that you can put to work immediately and valuable advice from agents and publishers PLUS phenomenal networking opportunities with the "who's who" of the publishing world. If you're serious about becoming a successful, published author, there's no way you can afford to pass up this incredible offer. Click here to learn more:
June 11
Conversations & Cocktails, Tampa
Join me at this wonderful Tampa area women's networking group as we continue the series on exploring "F" words.  The event begins at 5:45 p.m. and will be held at the Westin Tampa Harbour Island. For more information, visit
June 18
Working Women of Tampa Bay

Join me for a fabulous Girls Night Out at the Syd Entel Art Gallery in Safety Harbor with the Working Women of Tampa Bay, and an active network of professional women and entrepreneurs exclusively in the Tampa Bay area.  The group brings like-minded women together for networking, professional development and fun that begins at 6:30 p.m.  For more information, visit
June 30 - July 5 
(Only 3 spots left; deadline is 6/10)
Girls Getaway to Montana, Livingston, MT
Overlooking the magnificent Absaroka Mountains of Southwest Montana, the Flatpenny Inn will play host to three, 5 nights/6 days fabulous girls getaways on 20 private acres.  This weekend will host the Livingston Roundup Rodeo and hundreds of professional cowboys will inundate this charming town.  For more information and to register, visit
GG to Montana
July 27-31
Girls Lobsterfest Getaway

fl bugsEach year we head south to the Florida Keys for the popular Lobster mini-season.  The first day involved waking up at 4:00 a.m., heading to your lobster hole and waiting for the sun to come up.  Then it is time to "tickle" your way to catching Florida's spiny lobster (no claws) and getting your six per person limit.  Sounds crazy, but it is a lot of fun!
Email us at if you are interested in joining us at any of the above-mentioned events!  
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Tips To Travel Healthy
After years of traveling and trying to stay fit while "on the go," I had the opportunity to chat with Lisa Celentano, a personal trainer, about ways to travel healthy.  Here are some of the tips she shared with me.  Lisa is also our host for the Girls Getaway to Montana.  There are three spots still available for June 30-July 5...just in time for the popular Livingston Rodeo.  For more details, visit
Getaway GirlŪ: When traveling, what are some ways to maintain your usual exercise program?
If traveling by vehicle, stop often enough to stretch your legs.  Use a park bench at a rest stop for step ups, push ups and tricep extensions.  Make a goal of two or three sets of 12-15 reps.  Try to put in 10 minutes, 3 or 4 times per day.  Always end your day with a walk, maybe around a hotel, new city, campground or resort.  Of course you can always incorporate a hotel gym on your travels, but it's also fun to mix up your routine, but stay consistent!  Also, be sure to pack healthy snacks and avoid fast food. 
Getaway GirlŪ: What are some great exercises you can do in your hotel room?  Hotel rooms (and hallways) are actually a great place for a workout.  If you have a buddy with you, avoid the elevator and use the stairs if available. (it can be scary alone, so avoid this unless you have a buddy).  Do walking lunges down those long corridors on each floor.  They're great for your legs and butt and you can do them quietly without disturbing other guests.  In your room, do as many squats as you can while drying your hair or watching TV.  The bigger muscles burn more calories, so use your legs and butt for as many as you can.  For crunches, place your calves on a chair, back on the floor, curl your shoulders up to your thighs, hold for two seconds, ease down and repeat.  Always exhale on exertion.  Breathing correctly enhances your workout.....and your results...tremendously.
Getaway GirlŪ:  What are some diet dos & don'ts while traveling? 
Don't: Biggest don't is not eating all day, then overeating at dinner time and then going to bed.  Do not open a bag of chips and sit them in your lap while driving.  Do, get a few ziploc bags and split up things like chips into normal portions so that when they're done, they're done!  And lastly, don't forget fiber rich foods.  Traveling is one of the worst culprits for digestive problems.  Our body clock "knows" when, but the inconvenience of being on the road will definitely throw you off your routine. Also, don't sit for long periods of time.
Do: Again, pack healthy snacks for your trip (maybe even a small cooler), such as yogurt, light cheese sticks, almonds, carrots, celery, an apple.........and a candy bar!  Yes.... a CANDY BAR! Nibble on it throughout the day and you'll still feel like you're on "vacation" without completely depriving yourself.  Do make it simple...calories in, calories out.  If you eat 250 calories, you probably need to walk almost an it worth it?  If not, eat half!!  Dining out DO's -  get rid of half (or all) of your bread.  Opt out of sauces. Use half your salad dressing and skip the croutons.  Ask for heavy sauces and dressings on the side....or not at all.   Drink water instead of iced tea or soda.  Add lemons and Splenda, make a no-cal (and free) lemonade.  Do stay hydrated.   
lisa cLisa Celentano has always been athletic, but it wasn't until after high school when she gained 20 pounds that she joined a gym.  After a few months at the gym, she was asked to teach a class.  She enjoyed her work so much that she started working at the gym full time and became the health club manager at the age of 18.  She acquired her first certification as a personal trainer at the age of 20.  About two years later, she quit college and opened her own gym, BusyBODIES.   Now, 23 years later, Celentano has expanded her love for fitness and travel by hosting an Adventure Camp in Montana during the summer months.  The majority of travelers are seeking a relaxing stay and a rewarding experience that may just change their lifestyle........for the better.  Her motto has always been "do what you love, and inspire all you can."

Girl Getaways Easy as 1, 2, 3

Need a Girls Getaway but never enough time to plan your trip?  The Girls Getaway Guide takes the time-consuming hassle out of researching great Girls Getaway hotels, resorts, tours and packages.  Our website features a brand new travel section, Getaway Girl Travel (, which helps busy women getaway and makes planning your trip as easy as 1, 2, 3.  First, select a location.  Second, pick your accommodations or tour getaway.  Third, book your vacation.
 sex and the city
Partnering businesses include resorts, bed & breakfasts, hotels, tours, guest ranch, cruise and a castle from California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Europe.
Many thanks to the following partners for joining us as we launch this exciting new concept: Blessings on State B&B, California Castle, Doubletree Grandkey Resort,, Fairville Inn, Hotel Monaco Chicago, Kingston Plantation, Orlando Vista Hotel, Reunion Resort,
Saddlebrook Resort, Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch, Tenon Tours and The Islander Resort.
Start clicking at to see the fabulous Girls Getaway hotels, resorts, tours and packages we have to offer!
Submit Your Girls Getaway Photos 
This month's Girlfriend Getaway photo is submitted by Kelly King of Orlando.  She writes, "my mother-in-law took me and my two sisters-in-law to St Augustine to celebrate the impending birth of my first child.  It's a tradition she started last year when my sister-in-law was pregnant with the family's first grandchild.  Each time, we spend one evening "blessing" the pregnant family member with gifts that represent biblical wisdom she'll need as a new mom.  We stayed at the historic St. George Inn overlooking St. George Street, visited the St Augustine Arts & Craft Festival, dined at great restaurants along St. George Street and enjoyed spa treatments at Panache Spa & Salon."  
st augustine
Pictured (left to right) are: Kirsten, Kelly, Barbara & Krista King.  To submit your Girls Getaway photos, email the photo and a brief description to
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News From The Getaway GirlŪ

Summer is here and that means your summer getaway is not far away! Visit my blog ( for some fabulous travel-related posts, including: Great Group Getaway Ideas, Summer Festivals & Events and Spectacular Spa Vacations!  Wishing you fantastic getaways this summer!
The Getaway GirlŪ News!
Daytime TV
- Many thanks to the nationally-syndicated TV show Daytime for having me on again to discuss Great Beach Getaways, including Martha's Vineyard, the Hamptons, Laguna Beach and more!  To watch the clip, visit or click on the image below.
daytime beach
LCW Presentation - Imagine how surprised I was to receiveLCW a standing ovation after my Career Reinvention presentation at the May Lunch Club Wednesday (LCW) meeting.  Jennifer Mahoney of Tampa said, "I found your speech very inspiring and it's really refreshing to see when someone sticks to their dreams they come true." LCW is a women's networking club open to all women to connect with one another. The group's goal is to meet and support each other, make friendships and grow lasting relationships.  For more details, visit
Girls Ranch Getaway 
City slickers look out!  The girls were excited to arrive at Rafter T Ranch, located in Sebring, FL, for an all-girl, ranch-style getaway.  Everyone arrived by early evening (also known as "supper time") to meet new friends and visit with old friends. 
girls ranch friday 
After some wine and pomegranate martinis, we enjoyed a delicious dinner of Quail Etouffee.  During dinner, we told funny stories, asked Leigh if she preferred a "bull or a bowl" and got a full re-cap of Jody's bikini contest days.
ranch lodge
Saturday morning we woke up for a Swamp Buggy Tour of the ranch, complete with "Bloody Jeri's."  The swamp buggy's tires were taller than us, so we were thrilled to find a special "loading dock" for Traci who is six months pregnant.  During the tour, we learned about the cattle raised here and how they manage the ranch to work with nature and not against it. 
Once the buggy ride was over, we returned to the lodge to begin cooking lunch using recipes and wine from Barefoot Wines (  We enjoyed BBQ Chicken Ala Moscato, Chardonnay Vegetarian Spanish Rice, Barefoot Bubbly Champagne Vinaigrette Dressing and Moscato Wine Cake.
After lunch, Barefoot Wine's own Lisa Metheny taught us everything we know (now at least) about wine flavorings and food pairings.  Even Sharla (who doesn't like wine at all) tastedsharla drinking wine the wines and had a great time learning new things.  Who knew oak smells like vanilla? 
lisa & caseyMany thanks to Lisa for driving more than two hours to be with us and for sharing her wonderful wisdom with the group.  She's a fantastic wine teacher!
After lunch and wine, we were ready for a little R&R.  Some of the girls enjoyed professional massages in a private room, some hung out on the back porch and read books and magazines, some visited with new and old friends and some used their time to photograph and enjoy nature.  We all enjoyed some "down time."
Around 6:00 p.m., the adventurous girls boarded the swamp buggy once again to practice our rifle shooting skills.  Colleen L., Amy and I all shot a 30 ot 6 rifle from about 120 yards away.  Colleen L. was closest to the bulls eye and gave the rest of us something to "shoot" for (no pun intended).
targetAfter target practice, we returned to the lodge for dinner, which included beef tenderloin, shrimp kabobs, friend green beans and Tallahassee rice.  Delish!  Afterwards, we loaded back onto the swamp buggy for a midnight ranch tour, complete with spotlight and Jason with Arbuckle Marsh Outfitters ( as our tour guide/entertainer.  Thanks to my phenomenal spotlight skills, we saw several deer, wild boar hogs and an alligator (no animals were harmed).  While I was focused on what was in front of us, Colleen T. cuddled with her very own bottle of Barefoot Bubbly Champagne and managed to drink the entire bottle during our trip. 
collen & champagneShe and Jason provided a lot of entertainment and our cheeks hurt from laughing so much.
Sunday morning was an early one.  We woke up at 5:30 a.m. to meet the hot air ballooners at 6:00 a.m. (not an easy thing to do after staying up until 1:00 a.m.).  Leah, Heather N., Colleen L. and I all woke up before the sun and met Bob Carlton with Balloons and Beyond ( for our morning hot air balloon ride.  We were lucky enough to launch from the ranch after finding a pasture that had "less cow patties than the others." 
We were so excited to watch the balloon unroll across the field and then begin to fill with air.  After a quick "crash course," Bob told us to jump in and up, up, up and away we went!   We soared over cows, lakes, neighborhoods and orange groves for about an hour.  Bob even dipped us into the trees for some "leaf identification." 
balloon shadowHeather preferred we stay above the trees and jokingly asked if we could go through the Starbucks drive thru in the balloon.  It was amazing to see the alligators, turtles and fish in the lake we flew over.  As we safely landed a few miles away, we were now fully awake and ready for our celebratory feast of mimosas, fresh fruit, cheese and pastries.  Many thanks to Bob Carlton, Steve Roberts and "Super Dave" for making our flight unforgettable!
After our hot air balloon ride, we returned to the lodge to eat breakfast and pack up.  Everyone agreed it was a fantastic weekend and cannot wait for our 2nd Annual Girls Ranch Getaway next year.
group ranch
Visit The Getaway Girl Online: (Girls Getaway Guide)
Girls Getaway to Montana
Only 3 Spots Left June 30-July 5
Deadline to Register is June 10 
Overlooking the magnificent Absaroka Mountains of Southwest Montana, the Flatpenny Inn (named for countless guests squishing pennies on the tracks of passing trains) will play host to three fabulous summer girls' getaways on 20 private acres. The July 4th weekend will host the Livingston Roundup Rodeo and hundreds of professional cowboys will inundate this charming town. Price/person/stay is $749 (excludes airfare, optional rental car, optional dining out, all service tips).
The package includes:
·5 nights/6 days accommodations
·All transportation including transfers to/from airport
·Most meals (group will decide when dining out)
·An open kitchen (feel free to nibble on healthy snacks whenever you wish)
·An end-of-stay massage
·A daily workout with your hostess, a certified personal trainer
· Learn all about healthy and authentic Mediterranean-style cooking from an Italian fitness guru (your hostess), while you savor the delicious meals prepared for you each day.

GG to Montana
·Optional activities (* indicates additional costs) include: white water rafting*, Yellowstone National Park sightseeing, world-class fishing*, hiking, photography, horseback riding* and shopping with no sales tax.

·Package excludes: airfare, optional rental car, optional dining out, all service tips, optional activities.  To register, visit
Win a Girls Getaway to Ireland
Love to win free stuff?  Looking for prizes to help you getaway and travel the world?  Be sure to visit the new "Win Free Stuff" section of the Girls Getaway Guide website at where you will find nearly $1,500 in fun and travel-related prizes, including a Grand Prize Girls Getaway to Ireland (airfare not included).  
Every few months we will post new and exciting prizes for Girls Getaway Guide fans, so be sure to check back regularly.
Thanks for reading. Wishing you fabulous getaways!
Casey Wohl, Author/The Getaway Girl
Girls Getaway Guide series