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Road America, 20-21 August (late apps only)

Nor-Cal (Thunderhill), 15-16 Sept (sorry, full up)

Carolina Motorsports Park, 22-23 Sept (late apps only)

MSR Houston, 29-30 Sept (apply by 21 July)

Chicago (Autobahn), 13-14 Oct (apply by 4 Aug)  


Tour Monterey in your hooptie on 18 Aug, 10am to 1pm--oh, and EAT A FREE LUNCH!

  Tour of LeMons Pacer art


Time to fuel up those hoopties and annoy dudes in 458s! Big thanks to Hagerty Insurance for hosting the 2012 Tour of LeMons at Monterey Weekend.  


Join Alan G and the rest of the Concours d'LeMons crowd for a fun, relaxed 3-hour drive of the Monterey venues, tick off guys trying to drive Highway 1, then scarf down free food! (Man, this thing's got it all....)  

  • WHAT: Bring the roachiest, weirdest, most entertaining (street-legal-ish) pile you've got. 
  • WHERE: 10am at Laguna Grand Park (1249 Canyon del Rey Blvd, Seaside CA), 18 August.  
  • HOW MUCH: Nothing! Heck, add the free sandwich, and it's like THEY PAY YOU.
  • FREE REGISTRATION: By clicking here now.
  • MORE INFO: Call Alan Galbraith, 916.207.4645, agalbraith@concoursdlemons.com  
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