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Welcome to the New Year!  I know you have made great resolutions that you are planning on carrying out!  We are going to help you eat healthy this year by posting a bunch of new recipes on  You can print our recipes or you can order already printed Recipe Cards from us direct.   Enjoy knowing that when you eat our sauces, mustards, seasonings and other great products that you will be eating all natural, no preservative, foods and never any high fructose corn syrup! 

We have made a big resolution this year at Bone Suckin' Sauce.  Our resolution is to make Bone Suckin' Sauce available closer to your home.  This is going to require both of us working together to make this a reality.  You can help by asking your favorite specialty market to carry Bone Suckin' Sauce for you and others.  Click Here to go to our  Bone Suckin' page to download an information packet to print and take to your favorite store today or get them to call us 1-800-446-0947 and I'll take care of the rest!
Bone Suckin' Chili Recipe 
Bone Suckin' Chili Recipe
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On the Road: The Adventures of Bone Suckin' Sauce - 1992

Charleston MarketIf you have never been to Charleston, SC you must make it your next vacation destination. It is a culinary city full of history, culture, and amazing architecture.  It is the model of the romantic South.

This city also happens to be where much of the history of Bone Suckin' Sauce resides.  My mom came up with the name Bone Suckin' Sauce on the way to Charleston to find me an apartment for my sophomore year at college.  As a student at The College of Charleston, I would drop off jars of Bone Suckin' Sauce for local stores to sample.  I would then tell them that I would be back to get an order the following week.  It was during this time that I met Mrs. Virginia Smalls, a Gullah... Click Here To Read More
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