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Bone Suckin' Low Country BoilBone Suckin' Low Country Boil 
Fall Favorite !

Bone Suckin' Low Country Boil

Great EASY Family Recipe!

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All this dry weather gave us a great chance to extend our summer and do some family style eatin'.  The Bone Suckin' Low Country Boil is just what the doctor ordered.  We had so much fun sitting around the table enjoying this new recipe.  Hope you do too.Bone Suckin' Low Country Boil

Every month I ask for your recipe ideas and this month's recipe winner was Jerry from Kentucky. 

Jerry writes,
     "Hi Pat,  I don't know if you have had this recipe on your site. I make super simple wings with your rib rub.  I coat the wings in rib rub. Then deep fry at 360 degrees for 5 to 6 minutes, or just until they start turning golden brown. I dust them with rub again just as they come out of the oil. They go great with football!  I think I need to order rib rub...Thanks for your time and great products,   Jerry"
Bone Suckin' Sauce Half GallonWe look forward to your recipes.  Send them in today by replying to this email! 
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P.S.  Remember to tell your kids to be safe on Halloween.  Here is a great page I found for safe trick or treating. 
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