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Bone Suckin' Meatballs 
Happy Halloween

Bone Suckin' Fireballs

It's candy for adults!
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Bone Suckin' Halloween SpecialGreetings!

The survey was a HUGE HELP!  Thanks again for your time guys.  We do have a winner!  Alice Jordan of North Carolina won a Bone Suckin' T-Shirt & Hat from our survey.  Congratulations Alice!  We will have another contest soon so don't give up. 

Please have a safe and Happy Halloween!  I gotta go because I am getting ready to eat the Bone Suckin' Fireballs for lunch. They smell Bone Suckin' Delicious! Wish you were here! 
P.S.  Send me your recipes.  I just got some great tips and wing recipes with Seasoning & Rub from Jerry Larkin.  I'll share them in our next newsletter.  Thanks Jerry and enjoy your hat!
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