Bone Suckin' Sauce 4th of July
Bone Suckin' Tip - How to guage charcoal temperature for your July 4th Cook-out.  Also please enjoy Grandma Mae's Potato Salad Recipe made with Bone Suckin' Mustard.
Have you always wanted to cook with charcoal but don't how to guage the temperature?  With this tip you will be will able to solve the mystery of charcoal.
Good charcoal briquets should be ready about 15 minutes after lighting. When charcoal is ready it should have a slight red glow and be at least 2/3 covered with ash.
To estimate the temperature of the coals, hold your hand, palm side down, about six inches above the coals. Count out loud, one Bone Suckin' one, two Bone Suckin' two and so on until the heat is uncomfortable and you have to pull your hand away. If you can keep your hand in place for:
  • 2 seconds - it's high heat, about 375 degrees or more
  • 3 seconds - it's medium-high heat, about 350 to 375 degrees
  • 4 seconds - it's medium heat, about 300 to 350 degrees
  • 5 seconds - it's medium low heat, about 200 to 300 degrees
Don't attempt this tip while or if your flame is above the grate on your grill.  That means it is way to hot.

Grandma Maes Potato Salad

Good luck, Be Safe and Happy 4th of July!  Have a Great Cookout!

Patrick Ford
Fords Gourmet Foods