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  D.I.S. Consulting Corporation Celebrates
its 30th Anniversary
This Week  

30th Celebrating our 30th year
meeting the industry's research and consulting  needs   



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Multiple Reports, Ordered Together, Bring 'Package' Discounts

Many clients order multiple syndicated research reports each year, and as a result they benefit from additional discount levels.

So, whether you order just two or more than that, report orders that exceed one deliver additional discounts. Consult us for details.



Douglas I. Sheer,
CEO & Chief Analyst    
(917) 692-0975


D.I.S. Consulting Corporation
Box 22
Livingston Manor, NY 12758-0022 USA

Strategic partners of  

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Partial Historical Client List  

3M, Ampex, Adobe, Apple, Abekas, Autodesk, Avid, Anton-Bauer, Asaca, Accom, Andrew, Axcera, ARRI, Accenture, Angenieux, Basys, BE Inc., BASF, Bain, BTS, BARCO, Beldon, Burle, Bogen, Bose, Canon, Cine-60, Comprehensive, CVS, ClearCom, Cinema Products, CompuPrompt, Chyron, Deloitte, DaVinci, Digital Rapids, Dynatech, Dolby, Dynair, Dialight, Eastman Kodak, Enosa, EVS, ERCA, EMC, EEV, Evertz, Fairlight, Fast Forward Video, Focus Enhancement, Frezzi, For-A, Fuji/Fujinon, Grass Valley, Gennum, Getris Image, GML, Harris, Harrison, Harmonic, Horita, HME, Hitachi, Hewlett-Packard, Ikegami, ISI, IVC, Ilford, IDX, Javelin, JVC, Kane Consulting, Kangaroo, KPMG, Lowel-Light, LTM, LeFranc & Bourgeois, Leica, Leader, MPCS, McKinsey, Memorex, Maxell, Matrox, Miller, Mitsubishi, NAB, Nagra, Neve, NEC, Nikon, Newtek, Omneon, Oriental, O'Conner, Otari, Panasonic, Pathfire, Panavision, Pentax, PortaBrace, PAG, PESA, Pluto, Philips, Pinnacle Systems, Perrott Engineering, Polaroid, Pro-Bel, Pelco, Quantel, RCA, RAMSA, Rank Cintel, Rohde & Schwarz, RTS, Radio Systems, Sanyo, Sharp, Sachtler, SeaChange, Shure, Screen Subtitling, Strategy Analytics, Silicon Graphics, Solid State Logic, Sony, SMPTE, Snell, Sencore, Tandberg, Tiffen, Toshiba, Tascam, TEAC, Technics, Thomson, TDK, Tektronix, Yamaha, United Media, Utah Scientific, Viscount, Vitec Group, Vital Industries, Varta, Video Technics, Vinten, Winsted, Wolf Coach, Xilinx, and many more.

Roots of D.I.S. Consulting

This week, D.I.S. Consulting celebrates the 30th anniversary of its founding, in January of 1982.

Originally created to serve the strategic planning needs of broadcast equipment manufacturers, which we perceived was underserved, began by providing business plans and marketing plans and in so doing also helped establish hundreds of distribution networks, in the USA and

D.I.S., early on, added market research to its palette of services, with its very first assignment a market sizing of the broadcast market for one of the leading brands.

And, by 1984 we added the concept of syndicated, multiple client supported studies, at a time when that was virtually
unheard of in the broadcasting industry. From that introduction of syndicated studies to the industry, came our relationship with many hundreds of companies, largely equipment manufacturers. That has led to a historic roster now numbering over 1,500 clients, making D.I.S. the most often used, and most trusted, research vendor in the industry. And, about five years ago, led to our strategic partnership with the NAB Show.

Founded and Led by Douglas I. Sheer


Founded by Douglas I. Sheer, D.I.S. took to creating and carrying forward hundreds of editions of annualized studies, first in the USA only, later in regions like Europe and eventually (by 2000) we made all of those studies global. By the time he started D.I.S. Consulting, Sheer was already a veteran of over a dozen years in the industry.   He had been a production manager of an early video facility in Manhattan, at CTL Electronics, advertising director of U.S. JVC,  

ad agency executive at 

Doug as manager of CTL's
Manager of CTL's "Egg Store" in the early 1970s

Michel Cather (their new business specialist) and Ted Bates Advertising (supervisor of the Panasonic audio and video and Matsushita corporate businesses), associate publisher at World Broadcast News and BM/E and later publisher at K.I.P.I. for Video Manager (later A-V Video) and On Location magazines.    


And, he was an editor and publisher of a number of industry books and directories including most notably, BM/E's ENG/EFP/EPP Handbook

BM/E ENG book published in 1981
Sheer edited and published the first guide to ENG in 1981 

(the industry's first Guide to Electronic Newsgathering), , in 1981, by principal author C. Robert Paulson. The book had a forward by HDTV pioneer, Dr. Joseph Flaherty of CBS.  


Sheer leads a staff of eight research analysts and utilizes numerous outside contributors as well as trusted vendors, in delivering the many annual reports.  The firm also maintains several important partnerships that enabled it to expand its

Chris, Julie and Margarida at NAB 2008
Chris, Julie and Margarida at NAB 2008 

reach throughout the broadcasting industry, through joint activities and publications.  


A seasoned technology journalist, his research-related writings appear, worldwide, every month, as a syndicated column, read in every geographic region, worldwide. Sheer contributes to dailies like those at IBC and has edited the Broadcast Asia Daily twice in Singapore.

Sheer, (foreground) with staff of the Broadcast Asia Daily 


And, he originated the first daily at the NAB Show in the mid-1980s.  On a monthly basis Sheer's syndicated column, focused on industry trends  is read in more than 80 countries, globally. The articles have addressed trends in 3D, Digital Cinematography and HDTV as well as the full range of most common broadcast audio/video products, such as servers, camcorders, switchers, editing systems, Mobile/OB, sports video, displays,  pro audio and radio products and many more subjects.    


Sheer is Past Chair of the New York Section of The Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTE) and has been a member since 1972.  


Custom Consulting Projects

Each year, DIS conducts dozens of custom research and consulting projects for industry clients. T
Regina Head Shot

Regina C. Sheer, VP/GM and Research Project Director
hese range from business plans, marketing plans, distribution network set-ups and market sizing missions and a plethora of other business development exercizes.
Over the years, DIS has performed literally hundreds of these bespoke assignments.
Regina C. Sheer, DIS VP/GM manages the production of all report phases and all staff and vendors in both custom assignments and syndicated research projects. 
She is a 21 year veteran of our company.

Specializing in End-User-Based Interviews


Believing that there is no greater wisdom available than the experiences had by actual professional end-users, D.I.S. has been focused on interviewing and collecting data from professional end-users, ranging from chief engineers at TV and radio stations, production company owners, event videographers and independent video makers since its inception.

ALDO Headshot
Analyst Aldo Troiani specializes in audio and radio and post-production 


In early days that meant printing and mailing thousands of questionnaires ~ even typesetting them before there were computers ~ and painstakingly collecting and tabulating the data.  

Since then, D.I.S. has pioneered use of many methods but is currently utilizing both Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing (C.A.T.I.) and self-guided completion on-line at one of many D.I.S. maintained web-based data collection sites.  

Custom Too  

A typical study collects between 1,000 and 1,500 respondents
Peggy Johansen
Analyst Peggy Johansen handles many of the company's forecasts and report summaries and edits the newsletter 
s and the same methods are often used in the many bespoke /custom projects that the company also performs each year.   Like our syndicated reports, each custom project features extensive charting and forecasts as well as in-depth summaries of key findings. 



Core Clients:


Despite the breadth of clients, historically, now numbering over 1,500, a large portion of the firm's income is derived from a core of about 30 to 40 larger manufacturing companies which have included (over the years): Ampex, Apple, Autodesk, Avid, Adobe, Barco, BTS, Canon, Chyron, EVS, Eastman Kodak, Fuji/Fujinon, Grass Valley, Harmonic, Harris, Hitachi, Ikegami, JVC, Lowel Light, Maxell, Nikon, Omneon, Panasonic, PESA, Polaroid, Quantel, SeaChange, Shure, Sony, Snell, Thomson, Toshiba, Tektronix, the Vitec Group, Yamaha, etc.



Gratitude to All our Past Clients


D.I.S. is proud of its heritage and profoundly grateful to its long list of clients, of all sizes, whether of custom projects or syndicated research reports. Every one of our historical clients has been of importance to us, from the start ups we have nurtured to the sophisticated multinational firms who have patronized us, often buying multiple studies each year. We are deeply moved by the trust placed in us as a research and consulting provider.  


Thank you all!




Not Resting on Our Laurels


You would think that we would be comfortable and run things by formula these days, but we remain in a constant state of innovation and experimentation to try and improve both the methods applied and the resulting reports. And, we are also innovating new services to the existing client base. You can expect to see a number of new ideas coming from D.I.S. in 2012.


We would enjoy hearing from you. Contact us at dougsheer@gmail.com.




Douglas I. Sheer,
CEO & Chief Analyst    
(917) 692-0975

D.I.S. Consulting Corporation
Box 22
Livingston Manor, NY 12758-0022 USA


Douglas I. Sheer,
CEO & Chief Analyst
  Regina C. Sheer VP/GM Projects Director
William D'Andrea, PhD, Forecasting
Alicyn Mindel, Senior Analyst
Aldo Trioani, Analyst
Peggy Johansen, Analyst
Christopher DiBiase, Analyst
Carol Montana, Analyst
Gloria Colon, Graphics Manager