August 15,  2012   

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Live to Give


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In this issue of KidsBuzz, you'll meet Austin Gutwein, a remarkable young author who's been selected as one of the Top 10 Most Caring Americans by the Caring Institute in Washington, DC. Austin's starting college this fall, and he's the founder of Hoops for Hope, an organization that's raised more than $2.5 million for children who've lost their parents to AIDS.  


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Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp 


FirstBlockAges 12 - 17 / Nonfiction / Thomas Nelson


Win a set of Live to Give, by Austin Gutwein, for your book club. Enter to win by emailing the publisher (please write "KidsBookclubbing" in the subject line).


Live to Give Dear Reader,


Live to give. Those are three words that contain a meaning bigger than us. What does it mean? It means that when we give, we are truly living. In my new book, Live to Give, we will explore how God wants to use us with our gifts and our talents. In the sixth chapter of John, Jesus does just that by using a boy and his lunch to feed a crowd of over 5000 people. I believe Gutwein that all of us have a lunch. We all have incredible gifts and talents that we can offer up to God and He will do a miracle. We don't have to have a master plan, but just be willing to give what we have to the master.




Austin Gutwein

Book reviews:


"Austin and his family are an inspiration to all of us. Can one person make a huge difference? Austin proves the answer is YES!"

-Author Max Lucado


"Austin Gutwein has been changing the world in a huge way since he was ten. Live to Give is not an ordinary book. This is Austin's already successful blueprint for a generation of young people. And their parents!"

-Andy Andrews. New York Times Best Selling Author of How do you Kill 11 M People?


Discussion questions:


1.  What are your top five priorities in life right now, in order? According to the things on list, what do you seem to be living for?   


2.  Whom do you feel passionate about helping?
3.  What does the idea of a superhero mean to you and how does it affect your outlook on doing good? How can you be a superhero?   

4.  What small thing can you do for someone today?  

5.  What would "giving it all" look like to you? 

6.  Have you ever had the feeling of giving your all to something and "leaving it all on the field"?  Tell about that time and how it made you feel.  

7.  Can you remember a time when your life was changed by giving? How did it change you?


To learn more about Austin's remarkable story and watch video of his speaking engagements and work around the world, see his website; to read an excerpt and find out more about LIVE TO GIVE, see the Thomas Nelson website.


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