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Dear Readers,


In this issue of KidsBuzz,you'll get to know bestselling teen author Meg Rosoff in her latest book, THERE IS NO DOG, a very high-concept comedy, based on the idea that God turns out to be a 19-year-old boy! Plus, you'll have a chance to win a set THERE IS NO DOG for your book club.    

Warm wishes,


Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp 



FirstBlockAges 12 & up / YA Fiction / Penguin Putnam 


Win a set of THERE IS NO DOG by Meg Rosoff for your book club.  Enter to win by emailing the publisher (write "KidsBookclubbing" in the subject line).


Thereisnodog Dear Reader,  

n There is No Dog, God turns out to be a 19-year-old boy.

I bet you're thinking, 'Wow, great Idea! Wish I'd thought of that!'    

But you would be so wrong, gentle reader.MegRosoff

Reworking all of Judeo-Christian theology as a romantic comedy was no easy task, particularly as I preferred not to incite the wrath of the entire faith-based world.  


So far, I've only been banned by a handful of libraries and literary festivals, though you are, of course, welcome to ban me personally once you've read the book.    


Apologetically yours,  


Meg Rosoff       


P.S. The title is based on a joke about a dyslexic atheist. If you don't get it, google "dyslexic atheist joke."



Book reviews:


"...earns its place among the sharpest-witted tours de force of recent memory."

- Kirkus, starred review   


"Wildly inventive and laugh-out-loud funny..."

- Booklist       


"...there's no denying that Rosoff''s writing and sense of humor are a force of nature..."

- Publishers Weekly, starred review      


"[a] cheeky and subversive fantasy fable."

- Horn Book, starred review



Discussion questions:

  1. Why do you think Meg Rosoff's chose to make God a teenage boy? Was it solely for humor, or are there other reasons a teenage God makes for an interesting premise?        
  2. How do you think the way Bob and Lucy each experience time affects their wants, needs, and goals? Why does Bob, with unlimited time, focus solely on the present while Lucy, with a limited lifespan, focuses mostly on the future?         
  3. Eck spends the novel contemplating life and death, as well as his purpose in life as Bob's pet. Without a voice or ability to take care of himself, he is completely reliant on Bob, who is indifferent toward him. What purpose do you think Eck and his subplot serve to the novel?  


For more information about Meg and her award-winning books and to read her wildly funny blog, see her website. 


AUTHOR CALL-IN INFORMATION: Meg is happy to Skype with your club. Email her to submit your request.

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