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A Newsletter for Book Clubs Fall, 2007
Autumn is here - and that means many book clubs are preparing to meet again after a summer break.  Check out our new reading recommendations to get your book club off on the right page.  And please email us with recommendations from your group.
After a summer of resting and reading (both adult and kids' literature), we're preparing for a fall of traveling and speaking about The Kids' Book Club Book and The Book Club Cookbook.  In fact, we've already blogged about our first trip, to the Decatur Book Festival.  Please check our schedule of events to see if we'll be in your area. 
Don't forget to schedule author chats by phone through our Invite an Author program.  Some terrific authors have recently joined, and we have a sleek new look to our Invite an Author page. 
We're thrilled to announce winners of our summer book giveaway contests.  And keep your eyes open for more book giveaways this fall.
Happy reading!
Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp
Co-authors of The Book Club Cookbook and The Kids' Book Club Book
Great Fall Reading IdeasNowYouSeeHer

The Book at Hand Club of Irving, Texas, recommends:

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (Algonquin Books, 2006), Fiction, 335 pages

 "In this superb novel, the author depicts Jacob Jankowski both as a young man in 1931 - when in an act of desperation brought on by tragic circumstances he hops a circus train car - and in the present day, when he's an old man weak in body but strong in memories.  The history and lore of the circus add a richness to the story of Jacob and his love for Marlena, an equestrian star married to August, the circus's violent animal trainer.  The novel interweaves a poignant love story with the eccentric existence of the circus performers.


"Our club enjoyed reading of this bygone era, and we were also struck by a deeper understanding of what it feels like to age physically but still feel the same on the inside. The side stories of the animals, in particular, Rosie the elephant, made us laugh and cry."


Speak to an Author by Phone

Our directory of authors ready to chat with your book club on the phone continues to grow. We're pleased to welcome the following authors to the Invite an Author program:

Susanne Alleyn
Nassim Assefi
Alison Bell
Scott Gac
Stephanie Hale
Tekla Dennison Miller
Sharon Naylor
Spring Warren
Kathleen Winters
Peter Zheutlin
These authors join our already existing roster of terrific writers, including Cai Emmons, Kimberly Willis Holt, and Marie Myung-Ok Lee.  Please browse our complete list of available authors and their books.  Once you've decided which author(s) you'd like to invite, contact the author(s) directly through our website and arrange a date to speak with them. We hope you'll give it a try!
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Great Fall Reading Ideas
Invite an Author
Summer Contest Winners
Summer Contest Winners
Arlyn Reed
Circle of Friends in Asbury, NJ.  See other winning groups.
We were delighted to give away three sets of books this summer.  Congratulations
to the following book clubs:  
Leslie Roman and the Spinebreakers of Portland, Oregon, winners of Marie Myung-Ok Lee's Somebody's Daughter.
Somebody's Daughter
Arlyn Reed and the Circle of Friends book club in Asbury, New Jersey, winners of Julia Glass' The Whole World Over.
The Whole World Over
Suzanne F. Nash and the Keswick Book Club in Keswick, Virginia, winners of Eileen Goudge's Woman in Red.
Woman in Red
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