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Summer Greeting's from Friends of ENCA Farm

Friends of ENCA Farm enjoyed a busy spring fundraising and partnership building. Our 2nd Annual Denver, CO Fundraising Event successfully brought many new Friends of ENCA Farm together and raised extensive additional funds for our seed program, (see article below for more details). 

On the ground in the Philippines ENCA Farm continues to host volunteers from around the globe and expand our coffee production and sales. Last month, ENCA Farm participated in a regional coffee event hosted at the local agriculture college, Benguet State University. This event highlighted the expanding coffee production in the region and gave ENCA Farm a chance to promote one of our largest grossing products, our hand roasted and packaged arabica coffee beans. 


Event in May Brought Denver Local Food Community Together 
By Matt Gray 
Friends of ENCA Farm 
Board President


On May 9th, 2012 our 2nd Annual Denver, CO Fundraising Event for Friends of ENCA Farm, built on the success of last year's inaugural fundraiser. With 43 people in attendance we raised $2,187.22, a very substantial amount that will fund our seed campaign and other special projects at the farm next year. Vine Street Pub and Brewery at 17th and Vine, (just east of downtown Denver), provided a wonderful venue for the evening, offering delicious beer and food to our members and guests.


While the raffle, featuring Filipino handicrafts and Banti Civet Cat Coffee fresh from the Phillipines, was a huge success, the three guest speakers took center stage as the highlights of the evening. Former Colorado State Senator Andrew Romanoff spoke about the soon-to-open Greenhouse Project. Last spring, Friends of ENCA joined this exciting collaborative center for Denver-based international development organizations.


Civet Coffee Winners ENCA Event 2012
Event Guest excited to win Banti Civet Cat Coffee 


Candice Orlando, Founder of UrbiCuluture Community Farms shared the ways in which this local community garden organization ensures that healthy, local food becomes available to everyone in Denver. Candice also discussed her project Arise, a documentary she and her mom wrote and directed that focuses on the many ways women from around the world lead the sustainable food revolution.


As a featured speaker at last year's event, Dana Miller returned to talk about Grow Local Colorado's important work of building edible gardens in Denver City Parks. Dana also revealed their newest local food movement, the Produce for Pantries Program, which connects local gardens to the nearest food pantry.


With these informative and thoughtful speakers, the excitement of the raffle, and the opportunity for the diverse group of attendees to interact and network with one another, our 2nd Annual Fundraiser made it clear that we are growing as an organization and that we are prepared for another energetic year at Friends of ENCA Farm.


Friends of ENCA Farm Join's 17th Annual Filipino American Community of Colorado Festival 
July 9th was a hot summer day in Colorado providing an authentic environment for the 17th Annual Filipino American Community of Colorado (FACC) Festival.

The FACC invited Friends of ENCA Farm to host a booth at the event, where we were pleased to share about our critical work in the Philippines. Festival attendees where very interested in our efforts to help revitalize the organic farming movement and restore environmental sustainability throughout the island of Luzon.

The festival provided a great venue to appreciate the diverse Filipino Culture both in food and entertainment. Filipino favorite dishes such as chicken adobo, ginataang, panict and of course halo-halo where abundant. FACC members also performed a wide array of traditional dances and songs that represent the impressive diversity and musical talent of Filipinos. 

Friends of ENCA Farm felt very fortunate to play a small part in this year's FACC Festival. We look forward to continued collaboration with the vibrant Filipino Community of Colorado.
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FACC Festival Booth

Friends of ENCA Farm Booth at FACC Festival