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Road to ENCA Farm Farm Re-Opens 

We are happy to report that the Santo Nino road that accesses ENCA Farm via car is now reopened. In 2009 Typhoon Peping hit the Philippines and specifically Tublay Benguet, causing massive infrastructure damage and the loss of many lives. After three years of re-building and working closely with the Provincial and Municipal Governments the road is now open.


This road serves not only visitors wanting to reach ENCA Farm via car, but provides larger group access and more efficient supply deliveries to the farm. Also, hundreds of community members rely on the road to improve their farm-to-market access for crops. We are very pleased the road is re-opened and will continue to work with the Government to ensure proper maintenance of the road for the well being of the community of Tublay.

Friends of ENCA Farm will Join 
Denver's Greenhouse Project 


There is a trend emerging in the non-profit sector across the United States: shared office space. Many of these centers share a physical building and resources like printing costs, accounting and offer brown bag lunch series. Other shared spaces establish in their mission, vision and goals an ethic of collaboration and reciprocity between the organizations housed in the space. The soon-to-open Denver Greenhouse Project is such a space.


Led by the vision and efforts of former Colorado State Senator Andrew Romanoff, now Senior Advisor to International Development Enterprises (iDE), the Greenhouse Project will be the first example in the country of a shared office space and center for collaboration that focuses on international development and ending global poverty. Friends of ENCA Farm will join 30 other fantastic organizations in this historic building located in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, set to open this coming fall. The work of the other tenants includes agriculture, education, energy, health, infrastructure, and micro-finance. As a collective, the Greenhouse organizations work in over 72 countries around the globe.

Greenhouse Project Building
Greenhouse Project Building As Is Now

Friends of ENCA Farm is very excited about being apart of this innovative project. Not only will it connect our work in the Philippines with wonderful partners that do similar development work around the globe, but the Greenhouse plans to offer virtual education sessions which will allow the ENCA partners, farmers, and community members in Benguet Province to access a wealth of knowledge critically important to ENCA's mission. These trainings will benefit Benguet organic farming initiatives, environmental sustainability, and community building efforts. 

Greenhouse Project New Design
Vision for Building Improvements 
Complete with Farmers Market

WE NEED YOUR HELP to make this joint venture a reality.


Please join us in a collaborative fundraising effort to ensure the Denver Greenhouse Project can open on schedule and that ENCA can be a part. 



payable to iDE.


Donations can be made online at:


Greenhouse Project Fund 


Or send checks payable to: 


iDE: Greenhouse Fund

1687 Cole Blvd., Ste. 150

                                Golden, CO 80401


Please preface your support of Friends of ENCA Farm in the subject line of your check and on the online donation form. 


 Stories From ENCA Farm Volunteers 
By Mardell Gunn
Haines, Alaska, USA 


We spent the first week of our 2 1/2 month stay in the Philippines at ENCA Farm and it was a fabulous introduction to the Philippines. At home in Alaska we spend all of our summers growing food so it was fun to experience the similarities and differences of gardening in such a different climate.  How we loved the guavas and other fruits that were all around. Olive cooked us  many Filipino foods and shared information about the plants, how they are cooked, eaten, and used medicinally. 
Volunteers Mardell and Diz weeding the edible fern fields
Mardell and Diz Enjoying Weeding the Fern
We appreciated the peace and quiet of the farm, removed from the roads and busy aspect of Filipino life in the larger cities. 
Much of our time was spent weeding the ferns fields, which ENCA grows as a specialty crop for the Organic market. After tasting some of the young ferns we understand why they are in demand. We also picked and cleaned coffee, weeded vegetable beds, went on a great hike, and spent many hours sharing meals and lively conversation with other workers from around the world.
We experienced hospitality from the entire Cosalan Family as they are each involved with the farm in many capacities, but it was Olive who became a friend to whom it was hard to say goodbye after 8 days at ENCA. 
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