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Friends of ENCA Farm is a Washington State Non-Profit Organization that serves as the primary educational, advocacy, and international fundraising organization to support the work of ENCA Eco-Tourism Organic Farm in the Philippines. Through grant-writing, hosting events, and partnering with organizations in the United States and around the world Friends of ENCA Farm continues to share the story of ENCA and form an international network of organizations, individuals, and farms working to enhance the global local food movement and promote environmental sustainability.


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The rising threats of global climate change, extractive economies, and big developers continue to threaten environmental sustainability, food security, and cultural heritage throughout the Philippines. Your donation to Friends of ENCA Farm will ensure that farmers have access to organic seeds, local youth can participate in environmental education camps, and Ibaloi cultural practices are documented, taught, and preserved throughout Benguet Province.


Please visit our website at  www.encaorganicfarm.com to learn more about our membership opportunities and to become a Friend of ENCA Farm.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOFing) News


Carla WWOOFing photo


The end of 2010 brought visitors to ENCA Farm from all corners of the world to participate in the WWOOFing volunteer program. WWOOFing stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms and connects willing and able travelers to organic farms throughout the world. WWOOFers spend one to two weeks on the farm and in turn for their work they receive free food and lodging. ENCA Farm was the first WWOOFing host farm in the Philippines. Registered since 2006, ENCA Farm has hosted volunteers from around the world. Last year brought volunteers to ENCA Farm from Germany, Canada, Korea, Spain, Switzerland and the United States. 


WWOOFer Testimonial:

By: Carla Balderson, England


" I enjoyed my time at ENCA Farm. It really was such a fantastic experience. It has helped me to feel so much closer to nature and to realize the delicate balance of the eco-system, which humans can so easily destroy with thoughtless actions. It's also taught me the value of hard work! My time at Enca also made me realize how enjoyable wwoofing is and my intention is to experience it in some other countries, it was my first time to WWOOF when I came to ENCA." 

Typhoon Parma of October 2009 

Relief Update


After the devastating Typhoon Parma landed in Benguet Province and left much of ENCA Farm demolished, many of you helped immensely.  Thanks to your generous donations, we successfully raised $4,646.00 to re-build ENCA Farm and assist with recovery efforts throughout the Municipality of Tublay.


This money is already being put to good use at ENCA Farm. Two Nipa Huts, instrumental features to volunteer farmer's work, have new grass roofs after the original roofs were damaged during the typhoon. A new protective cover is on its way for the Pako field (Pako is an edible fern and the key cash crop at ENCA). In addition, trail and water reservoir re-building are underway. 


Thank you for helping with these efforts!


We ask that you continue your generous support

of ENCA Farm's recovery by donating to 

our Seed Campaign.


Friends of ENCA Seed Campaign 2011


The use of pesticides and the influx of extractive economic development cause a severe threat to food security in the Philippines. This threat is especially serious in Benguet Province where the majority of the countries food source is produced.


Part of ENCA Farm's mission is to teach farmers how to farm more sustainably and this process begins with access to proper organic seeds. While the majority of indigenous farming practices in the region encourage seed saving, limited to zero access of 100% organic seeds exist in the Philippines. This lack forces organic farmers to work with synthetic or hybrid seeds that threaten the validity of their organic process and hinder their ability to practice indigenous seed saving techniques. Like the rest of the world, major corporations still hold the power of the seed market in the Philippines.


 Your generous donation will purchase organic seeds and ensure the organic validity 

of ENCA Farm crops.


Seed Campaign Donation Levels:


$10- Will purchase 5 packs of organic seeds, which will plant five beds at ENCA Farm.


$25- Will purchase herb seeds such as basil, cilantro, sage, oregano, and dill. ENCA Farm will have a consistent and vibrant herb garden year round from these seeds. 


$35- Will purchase a seed basket of highly planted crops, such as carrots, lettuce, bell peppers, eggplant and tomatoes. These seed baskets will supply seeds for one season and ensure consistent market sales of highly purchased crops.


$50- Will provide ENCA Farm with experimental organic seeds. Being a demo farm ENCA is actively planting lesser-known crops to test their validity and market appeal. Your donation will purchase asparagus, artichoke and other specialty organic seeds.


 Please visit our website at www.encaorganicfarm.com to make your donation or send checks payable to:


Friends of ENCA Farm

34827 SE Moffat Street

Snoqualmie, WA 98065


Thank you for your continued support!



The staff of ENCA Farm is pleased to announce the newly formed non-profit organization, Benguet Tivangdal. After many hours of strategic planning and visioning in the fall, Benguet Tivangdal is currently seeking incorporation as a non-profit organization from the Securities and Exchange Commission in the Philippines. 


Please see the message below from our Board President Peter M. Cosalan, PhD and stay tuned for more information about the  work of this newly formed organization.


Vision of Benguet Tivangdal

By: Peter M. Cosalan PhD, Board President

Benguet Tivangdal  


Benguet Tivangdal was established to address the urgent need for an organization among Benguet Province's Indigenous Peoples that will devote itself to the rehabilitation of Benguet's mined-out mountains and logged-over forests. While also creating viable economic opportunities for Benguet Indigenous Peoples'. The  "tivangdal" or giant fern-tree grows only where there is water and appropriately represents the fervent hope of this organization to revive and save Benguet Province's watersheds. Upon which its own communities and those in the adjoining lowlands of the Ilocos Region depend.


Benguet Tivangdal will support leading organic demo farms, community environmental education spaces and sustainable eco-tourism destinations in the Philippines. Through identification, documentation and revitalization of indigenous Benguet Organic Farming methods, we will connect farmers with product markets, and conduct trainings and seminars relative to these causes. Each of these efforts preserve Benguet culture and promote healthy living through sustainable local organic agriculture and advancing a strong local and national economy. 



 Picture of tivangdal fern at ENCA Farm 

 by Jane Lein, U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Tublay, Benguet

Please visit our website www.encaorganicfarm.com to learn more about our programs and how to get involved. 


Stay tuned for news about upcoming educational events for Friends of ENCA Farm in 

Denver, Colorado and Seattle, Washington


Sherry Manning    

Executive Director    
Friends of ENCA Farm    
[email protected]    
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