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TRANSFORMATIONS is a quarterly newsletter where we invite you to be an active and engaged part of our community - we are anxious to hear your thoughts about TRANSFORMATIONS and to be a resource for positive change for you and the people in your life.  Please feel free to share this newsletter with others in your circle who share your interest in transformative change!
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  • TRANSFORMATIONS Issue 5 - Jan/Feb/Mar 2012
  • This, the 5th Issue of TRANSFORMATIONS includes Dr. Chris Emerson's interview of Kirsten Rogoff about the nature and treatment of Sexual Addiction, as well as Dr. Katherine Barnes' article about the benefits of Psychotherapy for Creative Artists.
  • Transformations Issue 4 - Oct/Nov/Dec 2011
  • The final Issue of 2011 includes Eating Disorders in Gay Men by Dr. Katherine Barnes, and the conclusion of Metamorphosis, Dr. Emerson's discussion with fictional patient "Laura" and her 25-year experience in psychotherapy.
  • Transformations Issue 3 - July/Aug/Sept 2011
  • Our 3rd issue continues Dr. Chris Emerson's three-part interview with fictional "Laura" and her experience in psychotherapy over her adult life. In addition, an article discussing Some Current Findings Regarding Breat Cancer Survivors and Well Being, and Exertherapy, Dr. Katherine Barnes' article about the connection and benefits of exercise and therapy. We also feature a poem by Sharon Olds titled The Space Heater.
  • Transformations Issue 2 - Apr/May/June 2011
  • Our 2nd Issue includes articles on Achieving Clinical Excellence, Therapudic Factors in Group Therapies, and Metamophosis - the 1st of a three-part interview with a fictional patient detailing her 25 year experience in psychotherapy.
  • Transformations, Issue 1 - Jan/Feb/Mar 2011
  • Our Premier Issue Includes articles on Beating the Winter Blues and Talking to Babies. And, of course, our first Transformative Voices quotes. Click to see where we bagan and how far we've come!
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