September 7, 2011
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Stage 2 of the IEP Process:  stage2Referral and Screening Stage/Process      


Does your child have difficulty organizing school materials? Has his teacher, aunt, scout leader, or pediatrician shared concerns about his attention, focus, distractibility or other things that could be impacting his ability to make progress in school? Is he/she attending a private school receiving special education services and is now ready to transition to public school? These are examples of some of the many reasons you may need to start the referral and screening process.


A referral is a written request for evaluation and special education and related services, as appropriate.  Screening refers to the process of administering global methods to determine whether a child has a suspected disability and whether the child should have evaluations to determine if he qualifies for special education services and/or related services.  


Often a member of the school team refers the child for screening; however the parents, child's doctor, psychiatrist, tutor, or other adult may also start this process.  The referral must be in writing; and once a school system receives written referral, federal and state timelines apply.  See page 144 of the Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book for a sample referral letter from parents requesting special education services.  


Each local school system has its own process for referrals.  For example, DCPS procedures and forms can be found here.  It is important to provide as much written documentation as possible about the child's areas of difficulty to the school system.  


Your ABCs for Life Success consultant can help determine the appropriate documents for this stage and can guide you through the entire IEP process.  Contact us today to discuss your child - there is no charge to explore our services!

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We'd like to sincerely thank all of you that completed our client survey over the summer.  It was wonderful to hear about all the positive work we are doing for families and educators, and we are already incorporating the suggestions you made to continually improve our services.   For example, one message we heard was that you wanted to better understand the IEP process.  In response, we are adding more content to our email newsletters and are offering two new courses for parents starting this fall:  Parent Training and Counseling and Progress Monitoring Course.   These courses are designed to give parents the information and skills they need to effectively assist with implementing their child's IEP so that they can succeed in school.  Sign up today! 


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Next month's newsletter will focus on the Evaluation Planning and Evaluation stage of the IEP process, including what the law says, different types of evaluations, functional behavior assessments, and options for when there is disagreement about evaluation results or implications.    


Past newsletters are available on our website; please let us know if you would like hard copies.   


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