August 26, 2011
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tipsIt's back to school time - what can you do to make this a successful year for your child?  


Some tips:
  1. Get to know your child's teachers and what they expect. Be proactive in your communications with them about your child's strengths, needs, strategies that have or have not worked in the past, and other relevant information.  
  2. Encourage an appropriate amount of independence and offer support also.  Finding the right balance here will depend on your child's age, abilities, personality and other factors.   
  3. Document (in writing) significant accomplishments, challenges, homework issues, situations that help facilitate learning, cause anxiety, or otherwise have an impact on your child in the classroom.  Documentation is especially important if your child has an individualized education plan (IEP) and can help the school team with progress monitoring and help determine whether IEP goals and conditions are being met.
  4. Determine whether academic evaluations are appropriate.  The assessment division at ABCs for Life Success can help you determine which tests and assessments would provide insights about your child's strengths and needs.
  5. Monitor your child's attitude toward school and take note of social and behavior challenges.  Do you think there are academic, sensory, or communication issues that may be contributing to your child's behavior challenges? Let ABCs for Life Success help you and the school figure it out and develop a truly meaningful behavior intervention plan, for home, school or both.
  6. Do your homework!  The Special Needs Advocacy Resource Book is a wonderful resource for parents and includes information about special education and the IEP process, practical tips for parents, sample letters and checklists and more.
  7. Learn about all aspects of the special education process and connect with other parents by signing up for one of our parent education courses:  Progress Monitoring or  Parent Training and Counseling.   
  8. Establish homework routines and comfortable workspaces with input from your child.
  9. Help your child connect what he or she is learning in class with the "real" world.  Read together.  Visit history and science museums.  Ask for help with recipes or balancing the checkbook.
  10. Celebrate successes, large and small, and set the right mood for learning at home.
progressmonitoringNew this fall!  Progress Monitoring Course
How do you ensure your child's IEP is being implemented and that he/she is making academic progress?  Presenting meaningful data to the multidisciplinary team can document progress or lack thereof toward IEP goals.  This essential information is considered when determining academic progress and revising each IEP component, including determining appropriate educations placements. 

Our new Progress Monitoring Course will educate you about data collection approaches and methods, legal requirements for implementing and monitoring your child's IEP, the connections between data and each IEP component, and more.  Each of the 6 hour-long sessions (conducted over the phone) will also include question and answer time.


If you are interested in participating or receiving more information please email us and include your preferred days (weekdays or weekends) and preferred time of day (morning, afternoon, evening). 

workshopsSpecial Education Workshops and Trainings


ABCs for Life Success offers a wide variety of special education training and workshops, which may be tailored to meet the needs of a target audience or specific goals.  For example, this week Dr. Paul Livelli led a workshop about ADHD for the Boys and Girls Club of Maryland staff.   In addition to sharing basic information about ADHD,  he provided strategies that can be used in working with a child with ADHD to create a positive environment so that he or she can be successful.   


Excerpts from workshop evaluations:  " Dr. Livelli kept everyone involved for the full 90 minutes. Very informative and useful." "Extensive knowledge on subject matter, great delivery."  "Fun!" 


parenttrainingStarting this fall: Parent Training and Counseling


At ABCs for Life Success we are passionate about parents being truly equal partners with the multidisciplinary team.   Our new Parent Training and Counseling service will educate and empower you to most effectively assist with the implementation of your child's IEP through convenient, weekly phone sessions facilitated by one of our expert consultants.  Learn about legal and practical considerations in every aspect of the special education process and share your stories, challenges and successes with other parents. 

Contact us today for more information and to sign up.


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surveyChild Care Survey for Families

The Maryland Developmental Disabilities Council would like to know about your experiences accessing child care & out of school time programs for children and youth with disabilities.  The information you provide will be used by the MD DD Council, policymakers, and others to shape policies and practices that support children with disabilities in high quality, inclusive child care & out of school time programs. Click here for survey link.   

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