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August 21, 2012 
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cama2013 Abstract submissions are due on or before October 5 for the 17th Annual GIS/CAMA Technologies Conference in Albuquerque. Submit an abstract today...
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September 18 - Introduction to Asset Management   
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Book Reviewers Wanted

Interested in reading and reviewing one of the new GIS books we've received at HQ for publication in a future issue of THE GIS PROFESSIONAL? Send an email to Wendy Nelson. 
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giscorpsNew GISCorps projects underway

Are you certified yet? Is your renewal due this year?

Breaking News: URISA's Geospatial Management Competency Model Accepted by U.S. Department of Labor

2012 Exemplary Systems in Government Award Winners Announced

URISA's Annual Conference - Call for memories & predictions!


At the close of GIS-Pro 2012 in Portland, the following individuals will conclude their three-year terms on the URISA Board of Directors:  


    Cy Smith, GISP (Immediate Past President) - State of Oregon
    Carl Anderson, GISP - Spatial Focus, Inc., Sarasota, FL
    David DiBiase, GISP, CMS - Esri, Redlands, CA
    Twyla McDermott, GISP - City of Charlotte, NC


They've been inspirational and a pleasure to work with and we know they will continue to be involved with URISA and the community for years to come. Thank you!  


Greg Babinski will become Immediate Past-President at that time and Al Butler will begin his one-year term as URISA President. 


And Welcome ...  

Four new individuals will join the Board at that time. Allen Ibaugh, CEO of Data Transfer Solutions in Orlando, will become President-Elect of the association. Three new directors were elected by the URISA membership to serve a three-year term on the URISA Board, also beginning in October:

Douglas M. Adams, GISP, ITIL - Baltimore County, Maryland
Danielle Ayan, GISP - Georgia Tech Research Institute - Atlanta, Georgia
Claudia Paskauskas, GISP - East Central Florida Regional Planning Council, Altamonte Springs, Florida

Looking forward to working with all of you! Thanks to all of the URISA members who took the time to vote in the election!


Wendy Nelson
Executive Director, URISA


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