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College and Career Bound
Huntsville City Schools And UAH Host College And Career Connection Week

College Just Ahead

College and Career Connection Week begins today.  Juniors and seniors from all seven of the Huntsville City High Schools will be making the journey to the UAH Fitness Center on Thursday, September 6th.    Colleges, trade schools and employers will all be in attendance to answer student questions.  Click on the link to see a complete list of the 75 schools who have already committed to attend CCCW.  Local employers, representing 16 different career paths, are also participating this year;    Students who are interested in a particular career will have the opportunity to interact with the companies who hire in that field.  In turn, that company will direct students to the education institutions they normally hire from.  Likewise, schools that offer courses of study in a field your student is interested in, will be able to direct him or her to the companies who actively recruit their graduates.   The corrolation between the schools and the careers will give our students the edge they need to start their post-secondary academic journey on the right track.

Parents Are Welcome

 Moving to College     

Not sure which school is right for your son or daughter?  What are the options?  What does it cost? What are the admissions requirements? How do you apply for scholarships?  What about financial aid?   


Parents can  attend College and Career Connection Week on  Thursday evening at 6:00 p.m. and receive answers to many of their questions.   The event is taking place at the UAH Fitness Center.  Your students are welcome to return with you during the evening session.  The Thursday night event is open to all Madison County residents.

Military Academy Appointments And  College Planning
westpoint cadets
Huntsville City Schools students and  parents are invited to join us from 2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 9th at Lee High School.   HCS is hosting a more intensive day of college and career planning, as well as information on Military Academy appointments.  
Seminars on career planning and the college admissions process will be taking place through out the afternoon on Sunday.  Representatives from the U.S. Military Academy, the U.S. Naval Academy , the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy and the U.S. Coast Guard Academy have confirmed they will be in attendance, providing parents and students from Huntsville City Schools more information on the application and planning process.  At present, we are waiting on confirmation from the U.S. Airforce Academy.  If your student is interested in a military academy appointment, it is never too early to begin laying the foundation for success.  Interested students in 7th-12th grade are encouraged to attend.
When Is The Next ACT?  The Next SAT? 
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ACT and SAT exams are offerred 4 times a year.  The next available SAT is on October 6th, and the deadline for registering is September 7th, this Friday.   The next available ACT is October 27th and the deadline for registering is September 21st.   The ACT fee is $35, with additional services available for an extra charge.  The SAT fee is $50 and also has additional services available for an extra fee.  Both standardized tests have late registration fees, and late registration deadlines.   Visit the  ACT site and the SAT site for more information.  If you are unable to afford the test, please have your student visit his or her counselor.  There are fee waivers available to those who qualify.   Don't delay, take the test as soon as possible.
 PSAT - Why Is A Practice Test Important?

The PSAT test is more than a practmoneyice test for the SAT,  it is the test by which National Merit Scholarships are awarded.   Students may take the PSAT at anytime, however it is the student's junior year in which they are judged for National Merit Scholar.  Why is this important?  At Auburn, a Presidential National Scholar Scholarship consists of 4 years of tuition ($29,184), a technology stipend for laptop purchase ($1000), an enrichment stipend ($2500), housing allowance for 4 years ($18,920) and an additional University Scholarship, depending on financial need, for four years ($4000-$8000).  A Presidential National Merit Scholarship at Auburn is worth up to $59,604.  The University of Alabama  and many other schools have very similar scholarship programs.  Each school has GPA requirements.  Check with the school of your choice to research their requirements and various scholarship offers.   This one test could provide your student with a substantial source of college funding.


The PSAT is administered on each campus in October.  Check with your Counselor on the date and cost of the test.

Financial Aid
financial aid 
Seniors and their parents should visit FAFSA and complete the online application for financial aid.  Every college has a financial aid office with staff members who can assist you in determining your eligibility for aid and for scholarships.   Make sure to visit the college website and research the scholarships, loans and grants available to your student.
NCAA Requirements For Student Athletes
sportsThe NCAA has specific academic requirements of student athletes.   There are very generous athletic scholarships available to the gifted student athletes in our city, however the NCAA does have academic requirements in place.  Now is the time to visit the NCAA eligibility site to make sure your student is on the right track.   Make sure to fully explore the NCAA site for their requirements on GPA test scores and high school courses.  

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