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March 22, 2012

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Ready to Renovate or Build this Spring


Spring is in the air to say the least!   The warm weather always seems to prompt change in our house. Windows are opened, winter clutter is cleared and we all feel refreshed with the arrival of the season.  As longer days unfold, I feel the characteristic change at work too. It is the time of year when homeowners gather their thoughts from winter and spring forward to pursue their dreams of building and remodeling. 


As clients approach us, they often feel a little unnerved and perhaps with good reason. One of the questions we ask is if they've ever remodeled or built before because the truth is, it isn't easy.   Many times we hear the horror stories of past experiences and rightly so, clients are left with a bad taste in their mouth. So when they are ready to take that step again, sometimes the painful memories come back causing angst.


Rest assured, the building and remodeling process does not have to be cause for such fear and trepidation. Instead, it can be an exciting transformation that you enjoy watching unfold. Working with a design/build firm can ease your mind of tension because you work with the same team from the beginning of your project through the end. There isn't an opportunity for breakdown in communication from subcontractor to subcontractor because the company owner and supervisor are in unison with the client throughout the process.   Expectations are managed through face to face meetings with clients where we can discuss scenarios that come up or changes that clients might have. As a project starts to come to fruition, things do change and change is good. It's expected and it can be handled smoothly when it arises.


CTC&GIf you've had an inadequate experience in the past, don't let that stop you from following your dreams of remodeling or building for the future. Call TR Building & Remodeling this spring at 203-664-1303. We can assist you in making your renovation or new construction a success. To keep up with our projects, or to drop us a line in the social media arena, please click here to "like" us on Facebook.


This month, we are pleased to invite you to read the March issue of Connecticut Cottages & Gardens. TR Building & Remodeling is highlighted in an article called "Builders You Should Know." Click here to view the article. We hope you enjoy the beautiful days of spring ahead. 




Rick Krug

TR Building & Remodeling, Inc.