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August 11, 2011
Looking Forward to Laundry

Having just celebrated my 12 year wedding anniversary, my wife and I were reminiscing about some of our earliest memories together: our first tiny apartment in Greenwich, the way we used to store our skis and extra pots and pans under our bed, and our first sketches about what we wanted our dream home to look like. We laughed about the way we used to do simple things like our laundry. Not having a washer and dryer in our apartment, we used to drag our big bags of clothing down the apartment stairs and load them into our VW with our beach chairs and books and head to the local laundromat. We'd camp out on the sidewalk with our books, beach chairs and quarters and sit for hours until that last load had dried. Oh the luxury of having that time on our hands!


Now that we are settled into our own home and enjoy family life with two boys, the whole laundry experience is much different. The luxury of time has slipped away and the big bags of dirty clothes have nearly doubled. As you may have experienced, the systematic order of your home can become quickly disrupted by a trail of wrinkled and unsorted clothing left around the house leaving you feeling annoyed and irritated.  Imagine having a laundry room that can bring order to the chaos, and one that doesn't have be "off limits" to guests.  


With a little thought and design, a laundry room can blend into the beauty of your home providing purpose and aesthetic pleasure. With transitional counters, showcase cabinetry and beautiful flooring, the labor of laundry can become less mundane. flowers With soothing paint colors, textures, task lighting and careful design, this utilitarian room can easily become one of comfort and cleanliness with everything having a place. Added decorative accessories and fresh flowers can provide ambience and even make the room inviting. Imagine that laundry could be a task that you actually look forward to!   


If you are interested in how TR Building & Remodeling can design and build a laundry room for your home, call us at 203-664-1303.  We look forward to assisting you in the process.  


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Todd Drury

TR Building & Remodeling, Inc.