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June 15, 2011
A Sanctuary in Your Own Home

I think in the busyness of life, we all envision a safe haven for ourselves where we can get away from it all and find true repose. For some, a restful place might be a room for quiet contemplation or a silent setting where thoughts can originate free from disruptions. This tranquil place may even be right in your own home; a room that serves as an office or library.

Several clients have come to us recently to design something of this scope. With the option to telecommute today, many people are working from home.  If you do, is this benefit as you imagined? Or, realistically, are you frustrated because your makeshift office consists of chaotic piles of papers and documents spread about the kitchen table? Are you derailed every time you have to pack up your office between meals? Adding a library or home office could aid in maintaining professionalism, effectiveness and sanity while working at home and also provide a quiet retreat when you're in need of serenity.

Recently, we had the privilege to turn a mundane room into a well appointed library. The client was looking for a room with rich woodwork that exuded warmth and provided a workspace as well. The design included a comfortable desk and adequate storage allowing the gadgetry of computers, files, and other work apparatus to be concealed.

The vision designed, came to life and the library emerged with splendid millwork from floor to ceiling.  The cherry wood selected is seen repeatedly in the doors, windows, trim and hand made desk of beautiful craftsmanship. The drywall disappeared behind handsome stained cherry panels that were embellished with thick, richly trimmed bookshelves and display cases. In the design stage, the client determined the need for filing cabinet storage, hideaway computer monitors, and a dry bar with a wine storage base cabinet.  The finishing touch of a coffered ceiling gives notice to the upper interior surface enclosing the space in wood.  The room, while being both dramatic and impressive emanates warmth throughout.

A library can be a little sanctuary in your home; a fortress of solitude. If you are interested in how TR Building and Remodeling can design and build a library to suit your needs, please call us at 203-664-1303.

Rick Krug
TR Building & Remodeling, Inc.