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January 28, 2011
TR Kitchen LR
Elements of a Successful Kitchen Renovation

The month of January typically begins with a feeling of getting back to order. But with the recent weather patterns, we've all been feeling anything but normal. In our household, it feels like the kids have been home more days than they've been in school and workdays have turned into telecommuting for many. I've noticed that our home is bustling with activity and most times it's centered around one room, our kitchen. It is a gathering place for more than just meals - it is the focal point of our home.

When clients come to us to discuss a kitchen renovation, we often sense their fears and anxiety because so much is at stake in just this one room. It is the single most complicated room in the house to renovate when you consider all the disciplines involved.

To ensure a successful kitchen remodel, the following goals should be achieved and discussed with the homeowner. First, the project should be completed on time and on budget. By using a systematic approach to design/build, it can be accomplished.  The process should include establishing a budget during the design phase and maintaining synergy with trade partners and the homeowner throughout. Planning work according to a detailed production schedule reassures that deadlines are met.   

Second, the design of the remodel should fit into the aesthetics and flow of the existing home while solving the needs of the family's lifestyle. Working with a qualified design team that asks many questions and involves the homeowner is key. The end result will be a beautiful space that the homeowner is proud of.

Lastly, the construction process should flow smoothly from beginning to end. Working with a team that is highly organized and professional will free the homeowner of anxiety and fear. These feelings will be replaced with confidence and contentment because the job is handled with kid gloves in all respects.

To read more about the process of the kitchen renovation pictured above, click here to see an article featuring one of our latest projects in the current issue of East Coast Home and Design Magazine. To find out how TR Building & Remodeling's design/build process can make your kitchen remodel a success, call us at 203-664-1303.


Rick Krug
TR Building & Remodeling, Inc.