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Netball America is starting the ball rolling in 2011, breaking new ground yet again!  We are extremely excited to announce demonstration games and coaching clinics at the 2011 Special Olympics in Texas - a huge feat for Netball as we aim to have the sport recognized as a medal sport in the future.


2010 saw Netball America putting up some big scores which we intend to continue well into 2011 and beyond.  Click here for the 2010 President's Report.

The Netball America 2011 calendar promises to be jam packed with a range of exciting events, so please mark your calendars and let us know what your local club has in store for 2011 so that we can promote your good work to all of our members. 


Happy New Year!



Sonya Ottaway, President, Netball America

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Special Olympics
More than 2,000 athletes from across the state of Texas will watch and participate in Netball America clinics during the 2011 Special Olympics Texas Winter Games, February 4&5.
With the aim of having Netball recognized as a full medal sport in future games, we have recruited students from
the British School of Houston, Houston Shooting Stars and local Austin Netball athletes to participate in this special event.  But we need your help if this event is going to be a success.

ARE YOU GOING TO BE IN AUSTIN?  Play in Netball demonstrations; help educate coaches, athletes and assist in Netball clinics.

NOT IN TEXAS BUT WANT TO HELP?  Join the Netball America Special Events Volunteer Committee.  Fund-raise or identify sponsors who you think could be interested in branding at this event. Please
email us for further information.
Join us as we help educate and present to over 8,000 physical education teachers across the nation over the coming months.  Please email us for further information:
February 16-19 Long Branch, New Jersey, includes teachers from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, DC, Virginia, & Massachusetts. 
March 30-April 2 San Diego, California, the national PE teachers conference.


Teachers conventionTAPHERD demo1
TrainingAll you need is one ball.  Players form a large circle. One player starts with the ball and throws the ball to the person next to them.  The ball is continually passed around the circle as the player that first threw the ball runs around outside of the circle - in an attempt to beat the ball back to their spot.  
The ball continues whether the first player beats the ball or not.  Start by passing to your right and when each player has a turn, pass to the left. If you have enough players form 2 teams and make it a race between the teams. 
UMPIRE Q&A by Prue Plummer-D'Amato, VP of Umpiring 
Hand Held whistleCOIN TOSS

The toss for first Center Pass is performed by the Captains.  (The umpire does not conduct the coin toss). The captains then notify the Umpires and Scorers of the result.  [Rule 3.5.1].


The Umpires shall toss for goal end after being notified by the Captains of the result of their coin toss.  The umpire winning the toss shall control the half of the Court designated the northern half.  (Decide which half is the "northern" half before the toss!) [Rule 3.1.4].


Don't have the latest copy of the rule book.  Click here to purchase one.

hawaii logoHawaii Netball Demonstration 

Congratulations to our North Shore Netball Club for performing a half time demo during local men and women basketball games, in front of a crowd of 900 people.  While Moana explained the game to the crowd, kids and adults (male and females) demonstrated ball skills and then played a game.  This demonstration generated new people interested in playing Netball!  Well done ladies and gents!

Feb. 12 & 13: Rugby 7's in Las Vegas.  Come to Vegas and help promote   NetballRugby 7's while 50,000 Rugby fans come through the gate!
Feb. 26: Philadelphia Netball Demonstration
March 12: International Day, Los Angeles
March 13: West Coast Trials
April 20: North Shore Netball at the Hawaii Netball Festival
May 26-29: Special Olympics Texas Summer Games, Arlington, TX

September 10: Netball America at WNBA, Staples Center, LA





Happy Playing!