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T'was 2 weeks before Xmas and all through the US

Not a ball was a bouncing, no 'swoosh' through the net.  


Visions of center passes danced in Netballers' heads

Achievements made, the mystery of our favourite sport shed.

Netball America has launched an assault on the States

With awesome events and cool new interviews to watch.


Thousands of teachers have learned the game 

With the aim it will see a true American birth again.


With a new VP to develop member needs
Along with a Texan, woohoo what a team!

Congrats to Winners for Florida tourney
They are also celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

Now is a good time to refresh some rules

Check out the Q&A by our top umpire Prue.


Go online when shopping this season

Remember charitable donations are also a blessing.

So spread the message loud and clear

You can find us on youtube, facebook and here!

Happy Holidays!

Sonya Ottaway, President, Netball America
e/mail -
Vice President of Development - Barbara Woods
Barbara WoodsBarbara hails from Michigan and was first introduced to Netball through a British friend in March 2007.  The passion and camaraderie from those involved with Netball, not only within the US but globally, is what got Barbara hooked. 

Barbara holds a Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology.  Her fact-based non-biased approach as well as analytical skills will help enhance the Netball America's member experience, while working with the VP of East and West Coast operations to drive the penetration of Netball throughout the USA.  For more on Barb, click here. 


Education Committee - Kelli McShaneKelli McShane

As a Fitness Educator in Texas, Kelli is focused on educating the public on the benefits of health and fitness.  Kelli also makes a difference by helping people pursue a healthy, active live by working with a global nutrition company - Herbalife.  This is a perfect fit for helping drive our health and education programs.  


As a past USA National Netball representative, and a current member of the West Coast Lightning representative team, Kelli knows what it takes to lead a healthy, active life and is looking forward to making a difference with the youth of today.     

TAPHERD volunteers
Stephen Dodson (FL); Debbie Wayth (TX); Sonya Ottaway (NJ); Linda St. Hill (TX); Kelli McShane (TX); Cheryl Thompson (TX)

A big round of applause goes to Houston Shooting Stars, Ros Day, Cheryl Thompson, Debbie Wayth, Kelli McShane and Linda St Hill for taking the time to talk with these PE teachers over 3 days.   

Wow!! Over 2,000 PE Teachers in Texas got to hear President Sonya Ottaway speak to them about the history of netball, benefits and about the Netball America education program while Dallas netball star Kelli McShane taught the teachers how to play Netball. 

Teachers learning


Shopping online this holiday season?  Click here to search with GoodSearch, just input Netball America and we will receive a penny for every search and should you purchase from: ITunes; Target; Macys;; Barnes & Noble; Bed, Bath & Beyond; Ebay; Sears, etc - a % of your purchase will be donated to Netball America. Download Goodsearch toolbar.

Don't forget Netball goodies such as posts, netballs etc can be purchased hereAlternatively, a donation in the name of your family and friends is a simple gift yet a deeply meaningful gesture.  It's that time of the year to show appreciation for someone you work with or even a coach!  100% of donations to Netball America goes directly back to the programs supporting education and awareness. There are no paid positions within this organization. All the efforts and hard work to carry out these programs are done by volunteers.
Winners tourneyOn Saturday October 9th, Winners celebrated their 10th Anniversary tournament in Florida.  The Junior Division was won by Lauderhill Angels, followed by Winners and Atlanta Stars.  In the Senior Division, Caricom was defeated by new comers Volcanoes in a closely contested final.  MVP of the tourney was Anciel Langaigne (Volcanoes). 

Winners couldn't have done it without their fantastic sponsors - Grace USA Foods; Western Union; and Horus Construction Services Inc. from Tampa. 
Congratulations also to the club for hosting the 1st male Netball Championships November 19-21!
Hand Held whistleUMPIRE Q&A by Prue Plummer-D'Amato, VP of Umpiring

Q. Red Goal Attack (GA) is positioned in front of the Blue Goal Defence (GD) to contest a rebound after a missed shot for goal.  Red GA jumps straight up to catch the ball.  While the Red GA is in the air, Blue GD moves forward into the space.  Red GA catches the ball and lands, contacting Blue GD.  What is the umpire's decision, if any?

 Click here to find out!
HOLIDAY EATING TIPS by Wellness in Total Health University
1. Dish up with a small spoon and use a small plate.
2. Taste your food - savor each bite and search for flavors.
3. Be active throughout the holiday period - avoid the couch with snacks.
4. Limit alcohol and replace calorie laden beverages with sparkling water or iced tea.
5. If you're hosting, think the following: Skip the skin; broth is better; forgo the butter; hold the sugar; and add flavor, not fat!

The Commonwealth Games is an international, multi-sport event involving athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations.  The games were recently held in Delhi, India and the top Netball results were: Gold medal - New Zealand; Silver medal - Australia; Bronze medal - England; and fourth place - Jamaica.
Stacey Francis
One of our big supporters, Stacey Francis, participated as part of the England national team.  Thanks to those who followed Stacey's blog on our f/book page.  Stacey says that "the Commonwealth Games was the best thing that I have ever done!! The whole experience was amazing, the country, the people, the food, the netball and of course the medal we came away with!  It was my first senior international competition and has certainly given me the bug to carve out a long and successful international netball career!!"     
Congratulations to Stacey and her achievements and we look forward to hearing more!
There are those less fortunate than us who are really in need of basic netball supplies so they can continue to play.  If you have any old uniforms, netballs, bibs etc that you would like to donate to the Quench and Connect project, please email us.
Quench and Connect's mission is to connect with schools in Uganda, and to improve student achievement by providing clean water and educational tools for success.  Netball America is proud to help support this project.

Members Conference Call: Netball America was invited to participate at a recent netball meeting hosted by the International Federation of Netball Assns.  A debrief meeting will be held with members on Monday December 20th at 7pm PST.  Please email us if you would like to participate. 
Calendar: Be sure to check out the calendar for 2011 events.  Additional exciting East and West Coast events will be announced early January. 
Happy Playing!