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As we move into the last quarter of 2010, Netball America is planning a strong finish.  The Annual General Meeting and Nationals are being held October 15 & 16, and Netball America will showcase the best sport in the world to 1000 teachers at the annual Texas Physical Education teachers convention.

Who is going to take away the Netball America Cup?  It's not too late to register for the National championships.  Our generous sponsor, Wellness in Total Health University, are offering Netball America Members the chance to participate in the With-U Holiday Health Challenge program.  Designed to optimize your netball performance and keep you Netball trim during the silly season, be sure to read all about it here.  

August was a busy month for our members and volunteers - be sure to check out the latest event reports below.  Netball America also participated at a Careers Fair alongside organizations such as the NBA; Fox Group; LA Sparks; US Water Polo & Autoclub Speedway. 
Netball America is also excited to team up with the Women's Sports Entertainment Network (WSEN) to cover major events.  Click here to check out their coverage.

Help spread the word about Netball - forward this email and encourage your club members and friends to sign up on the mailing list.

Happy Playing!

Sonya Ottaway, President, Netball America
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Annual General Meeting Reminder

The AGM will be held 7-9pm PST on Friday, October 15, in San Francisco, CA.  For security reasons, RSVP is required to and must be received by 5pm PST on Tuesday October 12, indicating whether attendance will be via phone or in person.  Click to renew or sign up for Netball America membership.  Membership is just $5 per year!

San Francisco Stars proudly presents the National Championships!

We invite you to join us for a day of high energy, fast-paced, competitive netball at the Netball America National Championships in conjunction with the 5th Annual San Francisco Open Netball Tournament. This exciting event will take place on Saturday, October 16, in beautiful San Francisco.

Please download the information packet.  In addition to the American teams registered there are 2 teams from Australia who will be competing!  Want to play and don't have a team?  Email us and we'll find a team for you.
Texas Physical Education Convention, December 1-3, Galveston, TX  
Teachers conventionNetball America will be performing a Netball demo in front of 1,000 physical education teachers, and will be working with them to implement Netball into their schools.  Please email if you are interested in volunteering.
Winners Sports Club have a couple of key events coming up in Florida - the Winners 10th Anniversary Netball Rally on October 9th and the 1st Male Netball Championship on November 19-21.  Please visit our calendar for further information.
With-U Holiday Health Challenge      WithU Logo
Looking to get fit before the holidays?  Sign up today for a 4-6 person team holiday weight loss and maintenance challenge.  Complete weekly goals and compete for money!  Registration is just $40 per individual and 30% of your registration will be donated back to the"Let's Move the Youth" Netball initiative. The challenge begins October 30 and ends December 18.  Click here for information.
Umpire Tip: Communicating with the Whistle

The whistle blow to penalize an infringement and to indicate that a goal has been scored is short and sharp. 
The whistle to indicate to the timekeeper to stop/start time (including the whistle to indicate to the players and officials that it is the end of a quarter) is a long roll.
Do you have umpiring questions you want clarification on? Email  Buy a copy of the new rule book or finger grip whistle by clicking here.
Coaching Tip: Basic Shooting Technique, including free online video
The Aussie Netball Coach has an awesome blog with regular coaching updates.  Click here to read the blog and watch the video on the basic shooting technique. 
Highlights from August Events!
MINC's 10-Year Anniversary Tournament, by Christine Hayward, MINC Vice-President
The setting was Baruch College, NYC on August 7th.  Eighteen teams competed, including clubs from Canada, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as local teams from Brooklyn and Queens.  A special team of MINC alumni players was also formed, and ladies flew in from Hong Kong, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to take part in this historic event.
Tournament Champions: Upsetters
Winners from MINC tournament
WSEN interview
WSEN interview
Teams competed in 2 pools.  In Pool A, Upsetters and MINC Hurricanes finished 1st and 2nd; and in Pool B, Florida and Volcanoes took the top two spots. Semi-finals were played and the Upsetters and Florida won through to the final. In a closely contested battle, the Upsetters were victorious
against Florida.
Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make this event a success.  A special mention to the Women's Sports Entertainment Network (WSEN) for covering this event and pulling together a fantastic video to help Americans understand Netball rules.  Please click here to see this video.

"Let's Move the Youth" Charity Fundraiser, August 21st

Charity FundraiserNetball America, the board, members and partners would like to recognize the generosity of the Honorable Chris DeCure, Australian Consul General-LA and his wife Cathie for hosting 80 guests to raise awareness of childhood obesity support Netball America's plans to reverse the effects of Playstation and Guitarhero, and get kids off the couch and onto the Netball court to make them healthier, educate them on nutrition, and give them skills they need for a healthy lifestyle.

The band at the charity event
San Fran Stars
San Fran Stars at Charity Event
A touch of class was added to the evening by having Gavin Wood "The Most Tuned into Voice in Australia" as Master of Ceremonies, and a fantastic band led by Stephen Rowe (2010 Australian Independent Country Music Awards finalist)!  Band featured Troy MacCubbin, Sven Martin, Dave Raven, and Taras Prodaniuk, who have played with Keith Richards, Norah Jones, Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam, and Lucinda Williams.

Staples Event, August 20th

For the first time ever, Netball was showcased half-time at a WNBA game.  In addition to this, mixed and ladies games were held.  The Consul-General of Los Angeles, Chris De Cure participated in a mixed game.  Due to an injury, the NZ Consul-General was unable to participate - next time John!
Half time at StaplesMixed Team at StaplesThanks to all volunteers and players who made this event a success.  A big thank you to Josh at Fridgefilms for the awesome jumbotron footage.  This was shown on the jumbotron in the middle of the arena, and on all TV screens in Staples.  Click here to see it!
Netball America also spent time explaining the Netball rules to Sheldon Williams from the Boston Celtics.  He was surprised that he'd never heard of Netball before and thought it was a very fast game and wants to learn more about it.  Footage from this event can be seen here and here.

Lightning Teams at StaplesSheldon Williams   Jumbotron
Happy Playing!