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AUGUST 20 - Netball Night with the SPARKS - Los Angeles
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Michael JohnsGreetings!

"Wow!  What was that?"  This was the comment I heard all night from the 14,165 NY Liberty fans, most of whom saw Netball for the first time.  Netball players and supporters from around the country should be proud of having the largest crowd ever at a women's sporting event to watch a live Netball game. 
Netball America couldn't have done this if it wasn't for the awesome support from over 45 volunteers.  These volunteers have been working hard for the past 10 months to make this an entertaining event.  Our member spotlight goes to one such volunteer, Joe Luczka - read about his hard work below.  Our event sponsor, Fulton Francis Consulting, also lent a helping hand- thanks Brendan!  
Season 7 American Idol finalist Michael Johns sang the roof off the Garden and was completely in his element chatting with Netball fans.  To hear more of Michael, purchase his latest CD.  Michael also showcased his Netball talents, giving shooting tips to Matthew Modine (Full Metal Jacket).  To see proof, click here.
The full report and images from the Madison event are avaliable at  Also, check out 'Netball America' on you tube.  Click here for the professional video footage from Josh Eisenberg at Fridge Films.

In support of first lady Michelle Obama's campaign against childhood obesity, Netball America will be participating in the "Let's Move Too" Community Fair in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday June 5.  We would love to see you at this event.

Happy Playing!

Sonya Ottaway, President, Netball America
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EC JagsCongratulations to the East Coast Jaguars!
The East Coast Jaguars proved to be the champions on their home turf.  The West Coast Lightning will be looking forward to a rematch on August 20th at Staples Center in LA.
Thanks a Bunch!
Netball America would like to thank all donors who supported sponsoring 30 teachers and students from the George Washington Carver High School to attend the Madison Event: Christine Hayward Family; Comets Netball Club; Margaret Munro; Carolyn Johns; Sean Brown; Tom & Crystie Rooney; Karen Horsfield; Cheryl Englehart; and Arun Rajappa.
And the Winner Is... 
Congratulations to Crusaders Netball Club for winning the ticket competition with 95 tickets.  Although just short of the 100 for the VIP prize, you have won a NY Liberty memorabilia pack which kidsyou'll be receiving shortly.  In order to hold these events, we need to come together as a Netball community in order to sell tickets.  Thanks to all the clubs who supported in this effort which allowed our players to have prime-time on the Madison floor. 
Netball America and the "Let's Move Too" Community Fair
County of Los Angeles Public Health Officer Dr. Jonathan E. Fielding stated in a recent article that there is a clear association between poverty and higher rates of obesity. He further stated that there is a clear correlation between living in areas with limited access to parks and kids in the poorer neighborhoods often eat chips and soda instead of fruits and vegetables, in part, because it is cheaper per calorie.  The citywide average for obese children is approximately 25.4 percent while our service area rate of obese children located in the 8th council district is 29.3 percent.
This is why Netball America is helping promote awareness at the "Let's Move Too" Community Health Fair this Saturday, June 5, 2010 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at 83rd and San Pedro, LA, 90003.  Please contact us if you would to support this event.
Member Spotlight - JoeMember Spotlight: Joe Luczka
American born and raised, Joe Luczka was first introduced to Netball by Netball America at the WNBA event at Staples Center last September.  Even though Joe lives on the East Coast, curiosity got the better of him and he flew to Staples to find out more about one of the popular women's sports in the world which Americans just haven't heard of.  Joe is excited to be on the ground floor of something new with the potential to grow and has volunteered his time to make this happen. 
For the Madison event we can't thank Joe enough for his time and dedication - visits to the Garden to do planning; organizing equipment for trials and the event; selling tickets; visiting member training sessions; rounding up more volunteers; visiting restaurants and fitness clubs promoting the event; dealing with all the tshirts, brochures etc and making sure they got where they needed to go.  He even paid a visit to our member Emily from the Wilson Gray YMCA in Connecticut.
As a a thank you to Joe he received a personal signed copy of Michael Johns CD 'Hold Back My Heart'.  It's people like you spreading the Netball word that will help grow Netball in the USA.
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