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Happy New Year!!

It's non-stop for Netball in the 2009 review here.

2010 is shaping up to be an even bigger year for Netball America as you will see from all of the events and community outreach we have planned. 

Congratulations goes out to Faye Hill, our first Member Spotlight Winner - read all about Faye's achievements below.

We have also included an umpiring quiz to get the brain going. This is the first of many feature articles to be included in the newsletter.  If you have ideas, suggestions or an article you would like to see included in this publication, please contact us.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the game in 2009.  We hope your passion for the game and your support of Netball America grows in 2010 and beyond.

Game On!

Sonya Ottaway, President, Netball America
e/mail -

Netball America is happy to announce we have reached 370 members!! We welcome the following new clubs this month: Maryland Netball Club, Houston Shooting Stars, Senators Netball Club, New York and the new netballers at the Wilson Gray YMCA in Connecticut.
Spread the love - forward this email to your Netball friends and encourage them to join today.
MEMBER SPOTLIGHT:  FAYE HALL  from The Phoenix HeatFaye

Faye has been a real inspiration not only in her dedication to Netball but in her creativity that has presented Netball America with some invaluable opportunities. Faye is responsible for the Fabulous Netball America public website redesign. The team worked hard over a period of 4 months to give the web site a fresh new look and the response has been overwhelming.

Faye has also brought in donations of over $2,000 to Netball America. Through Faye's contacts she was able to secure advertisements for Netball America and the Phoenix Heat in 6 movie theaters in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe.

Also find Netball America on the GoodSearch toolbar - again thanks to Faye. Anytime you perform an internet search using this toolbar or make a purchase online a donation goes to Netball America.

Her creativity has been invaluable from designing of our t-shirts and posters to our sponsorship documents.  Faye, in our eyes you are priceless!

If you would like to nominate a team, club or individual you believe deserves recognition please email us at info@netballamerica.comAll winners receive a gift from Netball America.

Calling all products, services, anyone who needs exposure to 20,000 Basketball fans:  We are currently seeking in kind donations and sponsorship for all of our events.  All suggestions & contacts that could assist us are greatly appreciated.  Email info@netballamerica for more info.

Trials are being held for teams to participate at upcoming Staples Center and Madison Square Garden events for 2010.
The Netball America West Coast Trials will be held on February 27th in Los Angeles and the East Coast Trials will be held on March 20th in New York City.
For a full calendar of events click here.
2010 @ A GLANCE :
  • NBA LA Clippers,Staples Center in April 4th, Netball showcase in front of 17,000 fans.
  • Season opener for the WNBA NY Liberty at Madison Square Gardens on May 16th.
  • LA Sparks final home game on August 20th in front of 14,000 fans.
  • Netball America at the Rugby 7's, Las Vegas February 13th and 14th.
  • Celebrity Netball event at the Hollywood Ashes in September.
  • National Association of PE Teachers Conference in March.
BUY TICKETS for these events TODAY!

Would you like get involved in these events?  Tell us a little bit about yourself and we will find a job to suit you.  Click here to start the process.

Do New York in style!  While you are in town for the Netball Showcase at Madison Square Garden you can have the corporate rate when you stay at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers centrally located  corporate rate for our Madison Square Garden event. Please click here to make a reservation today.

Alternatively call 1888-627-7067 and use the code 'Netball America' to also take advantage of this rate.
UMPIRING TIPS by Prue Plummer-D'Amato

In 1996 Prue was awarded the All Australia (AA) umpiring award, then the IFNA Umpires Award in 1998.  The IFNA Umpiring Award was endorsed in 2001.
Q1. The Red WA is taking a Throw In on the side line. WA tries to bounce pass it to the Center but it hits the Blue WD's knee and rebounds back to the Red WA who catches it, still standing outside the court. Is it a Red or Blue Throw In?

Q2. Red Goal Attack leaves the court to secure a better position. Blue Goal Defense remains on the court and prevents Red Goal Attack from re-entering. Is this an infringement?

A: Perhaps now would be a good time to sign up for one of the following umpiring sessions:

Umpire Practical Testing at the West Coast Representative Trials on Februawhistlery 27th
Umpire Practical Review Session and Theory Testing on February 28th
Umpire Practical and Theory Review Session in NY on March 20th
Umpire Theory Testing in NY on March 20th

To buy a copy of the new rule book or a new finger grip whistle, click here.

REMEMBER members have access to practice tests in the members area of the website.

A1. It's a Red Throw In. The last player on Court to touch the ball was the Blue Center. [Rule 10.1; Rule 18.4.1(i)]

A2. No. A player may defend an opponent who has chosen to go out of Court provided that the defending player does not leave the Court or own playing area in order to defend. [Rule 16.6.1].

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To find out how to get Netball into your regional schools and how we can help, click here.
Happy Playing!