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Early Bird Ice Melter & Calcium Chloride Pricing
It's that time of tear again.  It won't be long before we have to break out the shovels and scrapers.  Take advantage of our early bird ice melter specials!


Grizzly Bear Ice melterPeladow

Grizzly Bear Ice Melter

  •  Melts down to 12 degrees
  •  Small to medium crystals
  •  Flows through spreaders better than rock salt
  •  88.5% Sodium Chloride
  •  11.5% Potassium Chloride

Early Bird Pricing (Order before November 2nd)

$7.86 per bag

$7.26 per Pallet (49 Bags/pallet)

$6.90   3+ Pallets


In Season Pricing (Begins November 5th)

$8.19 per bag

$7.56 per Pallet (49 Bags/pallet)

$7.19   3+ Pallets 


Peladow Calcium Chloride Pellets 50 Lb. Bag

 Calcium Chloride Pellets or known by the brand name Peladow has been recognized by the industry as the most effective ice melter. It melts ice upon contact and is among the most powerful substances available today for melting snow and ice. Most de-icers become virtually ineffective once the temperature drops below +20 degrees while Peladow keeps on melting even at temperatures as cold as 25 degrees below zero. It is also safer to use and does not chemically attack concrete


Early-Bird Price (Order before November 2nd)


 $15.60/Pallet (55 Bags/Pallet)


In Season Price (Begins November 5th)


$16.25/Pallet (55 Bags/Pallet)

  • In Season price begins Monday November 5th
  • No Handling Charge if You have a Hi-Lo
  • $0.30/Bag Handling Charge without Hi-Lo
  • No Handling Charge for Pick Ups 
Orders must be placed By Friday November 2nd to qualify for early bird specials, deliveries will be made the week of November 19th or sooner by request.




John Mervenne  President  Clarkston Paper
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Clarkston Paper's minimum order for no charge delivery is $75.00.  However, to qualify for the free offer we ask for a $100.00 order.