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Basic cleaning supplies that every office should have


Possibly the last answer people give when asked about what type of office supplies they buy is cleaning products. The first things that come to mind are computers, furniture, files, paper and the assorted desk tools such as paper clips and pens. Most of us just don't think about janitorial supplies.


Whether you have a full-time cleaning staff that arrives after hours or you do the cleaning yourself, there are some basic cleaning supplies that every office should have on hand. From toilet paper to hand soap to trash can liners, each office needs a well-stocked cleaning supply cabinet.

Too many of us take for granted a clean office, but raise a ruckus when we encounter a messy restroom or kitchen area. Do most even take into consideration what is required to keep our office spick and span? The answer is typically "no".

Every office needs basic cleaning supplies. These items include things such as a vacuum cleaner, wet/dry mop for hard surface floors, window cleaner, hand sanitizer, and antibacterial cleaning products. The list is long even for a small office but these basic cleaning supplies work for any size office environment.

Does your office have cleaning products for computer keyboards and mice? Does your office have several cans of air duster and screen cleaner for getting rid of grit and grime? If you don't, you should. These are products to keep multiple-user equipment clean and germ free while prolonging the life of tech electronics easily damaged by dirt.

When was the last time someone bumped a knee into an open drawer? It happens all the time. Do you a first aid kit? Better yet, do you know where it is? Even a simple scratch can draw blood and cleaning and patching the wound is job one.

Angel soft tissue
Premium Bathroom Tissue, 450 Sheets/Roll, 40 Rolls/Carton

dial soap

Dial Basics Liquid Soap, 7.5 oz Pump Bottle, Liquid


Jadcore Black liner, 33X39, 1 mil, 100/case

Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Lemon Fresh Scent 75/ canisters 6/case



eureka vac
Maxima Lightweight Bagless Upright Vacuum, 15 lbs, Red



window glo 5 gal
Burco window Glo all purpose cleaner, glass cleaner, 5 Gallon Jug


First Aid Kit
First Aid Kit for 10 People, 62 Pieces, OSHA Compliant, Plastic Case


compressed air
Compressed Gas Duster, 2 10oz Cans/Pack


Wet Mop

Wet Mop Heads, 24 oz, 1" Head Band, Blue, Looped End, Blend


Inspect your office cleaning supplies -- adding items as needed and keep them neat and organized. A clean workplace is a happy workplace. 




John Mervenne




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