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Society of American Military Engineers
South Central and South Atlantic Regional Conference
"Engineering America's Future"
October 18 - 20, 2011
Destin, Florida
Stop by ESI's booth to meet ESI VP Brent M. Handley, MA, and ESI Assistant VP Regina Bell.
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BIT's 1st Annual Conference and Exhibition of Petroleum Greentech (WCPG-2011)
"A Dedicated Event for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction of Petroleum Industry"
October 19-21, 2011
World Exposition Center, Dalian, China
ESI Presentation: The Role of Independent, Third-Party Validation and Verification for GHG Emissions Inventories and Offsets - Ms. Janice McMahon, Regional Technical Manager - Forestry, Carbon, and GHG Services, Environmental Services, Inc., USA
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Low Carbon Earth Summit (LCES-2011)
"Leading the Green Economy, Returning to Harmony with Nature"
October 19-26, 2011
World Exposition Center, Dalian, China.
Forum 6: Emission Trade toward Green Economy
Track 6-4: Measurement, Reporting and Verification in Carbon Markets
October 20, 2011
Chair: Mrs. Janice McMahon, Regional Technical Manager - Forestry, Carbon, and GHG Services, Environmental Services, Inc.(ESI), USA
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North Carolina League of Municipalities
October 23-24, 2011
Raleigh Convention Center
Raleigh, North Carlina
Stop by ESI's Booth # 1010
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ESI employees are active in national industry-related events. Look for us at the following events:

Volusia County Association for Responsible Development - 25th Annual Icebreaker Event
September 28, 2011
5 to 8 p.m.
Look for Chair-Elect and ESI VP Shannon Julien

EESI/NRECA Utility Siting Workshop
October 2-5, 2011
Vancouver California
Look for Janice McMahon

E3 Summit
October 14, 2011
Okaloosa County, Florida
Look for Joe Brinson.

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ESI News
ESI Carbon and GHG Services News
Environmental Services, Inc. is Awarded Accreditation Scope Extension by ANSI

On August 31, 2011, the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) GHG Validation/Verification Accreditation Committee (GVAC) voted to award Environmental Services, Inc. (ESI) an accreditation scope extension which included the verification of assertions related to GHG emissions and removals at the organizational level for Sector Groups 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. The new scopes allow ESI to perform organizational level verification for GHG programs such as the British Columbia Reg. 272/2009 and The Climate Registry.

The accreditation scope extension adds to ESI's already existing accreditation under ISO 14065:2007 for GHG Validation and Verification Bodies, including ISO 14065:2007, ISO 14064-3:2006 and the following activities and sector groups:

Verification of assertions related to GHG emissions and removals at the organizational level    
1 - General
2 - Manufacturing
3 - Power Generation
5 - Mining and Mineral Production
6 - Metals Production
7 - Chemical Production
8 - Oil and gas extraction, production and refining including petrochemicals
9 - Waste

Verification of assertions related to GHG emission reductions and removals at the project level
3 - Land Use and Forestry

Validation of assertions related to GHG emission reductions and removals at the project level
3 - Land Use and Forestry

ESI Participates in Climate Action Reserve Stakeholder Workgroup


Climate Action Reserve (CAR) is in the process of developing several protocols for greenhouse gas emission reduction and carbon sequestration projects for the agricultural sector. CAR develops its protocols in conjunction with experts in the field and a diverse group of stakeholders from industry, government agencies, environmental consultants, non-governmental organizations, academia and project developers.


Richard Scharf, a Licensed Soil Scientist and Senior Scientist in ESI's Forestry, Carbon, and GHG Services Division, is honored to lend a hand by joining CAR's Nutrient Management Project Protocol Workgroup. The nutrient management protocol is intended to guide projects that involve a reduction in nitrogen fertilizer application rates on agricultural lands, along with management changes that increase nitrogen (N) use efficiency.


Nitrous oxide (N2O) is emitted as soil N is processed by microoganisms.  This natural process is exacerbated by high fertilization rates with N fertilizers. Reduction of these emissions is important because N2O has about 310 times the global warming potential as CO2. From a project developer's point of view, this means that a tonne of N2O emission reductions is equivalent to about 300 tonnes of CO2 emissions reductions.  Read More>>> 

For more information about ESI Carbon and GHG Services, click here>>>   

Meet Ryan Taylor - ESI Ecology Services
Ryan TaylorRyan Taylor is a Senior Scientist with ESI and has over a decade of experience working with Florida ecosystems.  His responsibilities include managing the wetland mitigation activities at ESI-Jacksonville office which includes mitigation bank management and other land management activities, monitoring and maintenance of wetland creation areas and monitoring mitigation banks for credit release as well as general environmental compliance. Mr. Taylor is also involved with endangered/threatened species and is licensed through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for the relocation and removal of the Gopher Tortoise, a protected species in Florida.  

Mr. Taylor also assists in wetland creation area design and planting schemes, vegetation and hydrology monitoring, and control of invasive/exotic species.  Additionally, Mr. Taylor is a Florida Department of Agriculture certified pesticide applicator with a focus on aquatic herbicide and invasive species management.  He is also qualified in dealing with erosion and sedimentation control issues as he is a certified Florida Department of Environmental Protection Erosion Control Inspector.  Mr. Taylor started with ESI as an intern while still in college at the University of Florida and has dedicated his entire professional career to ESI.  Call (904) 470-2200 to speak with Ryan Taylor or email

ESI Ecology Project Highlights:
Wetland Restoration and Invasive Species 

ESI Wetland Restoration Project for Florida School of Deaf and Blind


Planting Ecology ProjectThis project took place at the Florida School of Deaf and Blind (FSDB) in St. Augustine, Florida.  This is a wetland restoration project associated with a Florida Department of Environmental Protection permit for rebuilding the seawalls at FSDB.  This project falls under the Ecology Services in Jacksonville, Florida where Ryan Taylor is the lead wetland restoration/creation contact.


For this project, ESI was contracted by construction firm, C & D Construction, Inc. from Cocoa, Florida. They were tasked to rebuild the seawalls around the FSDB.  Thank you to Taylor Engineering, Inc. for recommending ESI for this project.


Click here to learn more about ESI's Ecology Services>>>

Click here to view more images of this wetland restoration project>>>

Jacksonville, Florida VA Cemetery Project


ESI is currently contracted through the Veterans Administration (VA) to conduct the treatment and removal of the invasive species Chinese Tallow (Sapium sebiferum) from jurisdictional wetlands located at the VA Cemetery-Jacksonville, Florida.  The VA is conducting this work as required by the US Army Corps of Engineers permit for the project and is part of the mitigation for impacts to jurisdictional wetlands. 


Cemetery VAThis type of work requires the supervision of a U.S. Department of Agriculture licensed Aquatic Herbicide Applicator.  Ryan Taylor, ESI Senior Scientist, holds the applicator's license for the ESI Jacksonville office and is the manager of the VA Cemetery project.  ESI uses a combination of Environmental Protection Agency approved herbicides and a variety of application techniques to successfully treat and remove a variety of invasive and exotic species from various projects.


Click here to view images of ESI treating and removing Chinese Tallow (Sapium sebiferum) from the VA Cemetery, which is located in Jacksonville, Florida>>> 


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