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Using Tablet PCs in Business - The Benefits, Drawbacks & Considerations
How to Close a Fiscal Year in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
5 Signs a Job Shop Needs New Accounting and ERP Software
The Benefits of Joining NAVUG & Attending Forum
July 19 Webcast: How to Cut Costs & Unify Your Communications with Microsoft Lync
Why Attend NAVUG Forum 2012: October 15-18 in Seattle
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Shiny New Gadget of the Month: Sunhood for Your Laptop, Netbook, Tablet PC or iPad

Tablet PCs 


The beauty of Office 365 and other cloud-based solutions is that you can be productive from virtually anywhere - even outside on your deck or sitting by the swimming pool. The only problem is that the sun often makes it difficult to see your computer screen. A Sunhood from DulCo  is a great solution to screen glare. It's like a visor for your laptop or iPad!  


Check out the video demonstration!

June Quick Quiz

Enter our Quick Quiz drawing for your chance to win this month's shiny new gadget -- a Sunhood for Your Laptop, Netbook, Tablet PC or iPad.



Which Roman God is June named after? 


a) Queen of the Gods

b) God of War
c) God of Earth


Submit your answer to

[email protected].


A winner will be drawn from the correct responses on July 13. 


Last Quick
Quiz Winner



Computer Scientist,
Tim Berners-Lee,
is noted for creating? 


a) The First Computer  

b) The World Wide Web  
c) Turbo Tax Software

d) Web Conferencing



b) The World Wide Web 



Congratulations go to

Ron Freeman

Plant Controller

Indeck-Ladysmith, LLC


Ron will receive a

$25 AMEX gift card that can be used towards the recently featured shiny

new gadget,

LoJack for Laptops




Welcome to summer 2012!  If you haven't already, it's time to crank up the grill and start applying sun screen. Hopefully, you're also planning a well-deserved vacation.


Like a lot of people, you might be a little anxious about taking time off, but getting out of the office can be good for both the soul and business. A recent Intuit study found that 82% of business owners who took a vacation experienced an increase in job performance when they came back. 


So, how can you manage both getting away AND achieving a post-vacation productivity boost?  Here are 4 tips from a recent article:

  1. Tell people you're leaving. It sounds simple, but many business people neglect to inform colleagues that they'll be away and rob themselves of available help. 
  2. Delegate. "Sometimes you don't do something until you have to, so use a vacation to delegate and empower others," Pugh suggests. Using your vacation to force yourself to share of the load can be a great way not only to get away, but to realize that you don't have to do it all yourself when you come back.


  3. Set office hours. It reduces your stress as well as the stress on those vacationing with you. "In the ideal world you leave on vacation and never think about work again until you come back, but then reality strikes and you realize either you worry too much to let go, or an issue comes up that actually needs your attention," the author says. "If you need to work while you're on vacation, pick a time of day and a finite amount of time to check email and return phone calls. You'll be available if there is work to be done, others know that they have touch points when they can check in, and then you can disappear with a clear conscious."
  4. Pilot cloud-based solutions. "If businesses can divorce themselves from all the premise-based components of their business, especially the communications, IT, and back-office parts, they make it much easier to keep the important stuff flowing," Pugh says. Vacations offer a great opportunity to try out simple cloud-based solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365, that allow both small and midsize businesses to stay lean and agile from anywhere.  

Best regards, 

Donovan's SignatureNewMicrosoftCompetencyLogo 

Donavan Lane, CEO 

ABC Computers, Inc. 

Using Tablet PCs in Business - The Benefits, Drawbacks & Considerations

Tablet PCsYou see them everywhere. There is no question that iPad adoption has sky rocketed. But, many business people are still wondering if tablet PCs can be used for more than surfing the web and playing "Angry Birds." 


If you are one of them, watch our recorded webinar and get answers to the most pressing questions about utilizing tablet PCs for business purposes, including:

  • Are tablet PCs right for my business?
  • How are other businesses using tablets?
  • Which is a better fit - the iPad or an Android tablet?
  • What are the best business apps for tablets? And, how are they licensed?
  • Should we let employees connect their personal devices to the network (BYOD)?
  • How will the use of tablets impact the security and dynamics of our IT infrastructure?
  • Are there any cost savings or considerations?
How to Close a Fiscal Year in Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Instructions for Annual Closing Operations

At the end of every fiscal year, accounting people often ask us how to close the books in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It is a fairly straightforward process, but because it only happens once a year, users often forget what to do.


This article outlines both high level and detailed instructions for closing the fiscal year and income statement in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.     

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5 Signs a Job Shop Needs New Accounting and ERP Software

Effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is important to all manufacturers, but may be even more so for job shops. Your business is unique, and the unpredictable, make-to-order operational pace can put a huge strain on staffing and financial resources. And, if you're managing your job shop business with Excel spreadsheets, homegrown software or a basic accounting system, you may be doing yourself and your company a disservice.


Many of our customers ask us, "How do you know when it's time to upgrade to a more robust accounting or ERP solution?"  Recognizing the signs isn't always easy, so here are 5 questions to ask yourself.   

The Benefits of Joining NAVUG & Attending Forum 

NAVUG logoWondering about the benefits of joining NAVUG, the national Dynamics NAV User Group?


Interested in learning about the value of attending Forum, the independent national conference they run each year for Dynamics NAV users?


July 19 Webcast: How to Cut Costs & Unify Your Communications with Microsoft Lync

Microsoft LyncEmail. Phone. Instant Messaging. Video Chat. Desktop Sharing. Online Conferencing.

All of these tools are very helpful for communicating with co-workers, customers and partners. But, logging into a half dozen apps every day is a real hassle. Not to mention, it's expensive and time-consuming to maintain the supporting systems.
If you're thinking, "There's got to be an easier way to utilize and manage all these communication tools," you're right. There is. And, it could save you a lot of money to boot.
That's why we're excited to introduce to you the latest addition to the Microsoft Unified Communications lineup: Microsoft Lync.
Attend our June 19th webcast and discover how Microsoft Lync can help you:
  • Dramatically reduce communications and IT costs.
  • Connect with others anytime, anywhere, and from virtually any device using a single user interface for email, presence, IM (instant messaging), voice, video, calendaring, and desktop/application sharing.
  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration - whether you're across the hall or across the country.
  • Improve operational efficiencies while reducing administrative burden.
There is no cost to attend, but space is limited. Register now to receive the login instructions
NAVUG Forum 2012: October 15-18 in Seattle, WA

NAVUG Forum 

Designed exclusively for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users, Forum is an annual conference independently run by NAVUG. With 300 anticipated attendees, it offers a unique and intimate opportunity to:

  • Pick up best-practices from other Dynamics NAV users
  • Participate in training sessions
  • Dive deep into Dynamics NAV to tackle challenges and goals by learning from others who use the product in the same way you do 
  • Engage in interactive roundtable discussions and valuable networking opportunities 

In addition to nearly 90 breakout sessions with other Dynamics NAV users and subject matter experts, the conference will have an expo featuring some of the top Dynamics NAV add-on solutions that could help drive more productivity from your implementation.


Visit the NAVUG Forum web site for more information, and register by June 29th to save $200


NOTE: If the go or no-go decision on attending NAVUG Forum 2012 lies outside of your hands, you'll find a justification template on the site to help you communicate to your supervisor why participating in Forum is a solid investment for you and your organization.


We hope to see you in Seattle this Fall!

About ABC Computers 


ABC Computers has been providing a unique blend of business software solutions and computer support services to businesses - small and large - since 1984. Over the last 25+ years, we have earned a reputation for exceeding clients' expectations and developing lasting relationships by first listening - learning about your business - and only then suggesting solutions to help you achieve your objectives. 


With 3 locations in Wisconsin (WI), 1 location in South Bend, IN, and staff throughout the upper Midwest, ABC offers business consulting and IT services through two distinctly related teams.


Our business management systems group specializes in financial management and enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision).  

ABC's computer support services team specializes in troubleshooting IT problems that disrupt business operations and transforming technology from a burden into an asset.

Donavan Lane, as well as each team member of ABC, is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. Thus our commitment to implementing "Business Solutions...Your Way."