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Have questions about GP Reports Viewer?  Want to chat with us about reporting in Dynamics GP?  Stop by the Flexible Solutions booth at the Decisions 2010 virtual trade show coming up this week. 

Decisions 2010 is presented by MSDynamicsWorld.com and is free to attend.  There will be lots of great Dynamics content presented and you'll get a chance to chat with companies offering Dynamics add-ons.


Decisions 2010

Renaming Tables in Crystal Reports
How to rename a table, view or stored procedure
Magic Hat Man
Ever start with an existing Crystal report and create another one by changing a few of the tables?  This is pretty common with SOP reports where you have a separate unposted and posted report. 
Re-pointing the report to another table is no problem in Crystal, however the name does not change automatically.  So later, when you look at the new report you do not see the correct table names unless you drill deep into the details of the Data Source.  Here are the steps to change the table name:
  • Open the Database Expert (Database > Database Expert)
  • Find the table name in the list on the right under Selected Tables - this will still show the old table name
  • Right click on the old table name, choose Rename and type in the new table name
  • Click OK when done
The Field Explorer will automatically be updated with the changed table name.  This method will also work for stored procedures and views.
Make Your SSRS Reports More Interactive 
How to add a drillthrough action to a report
By:  Mickie Stamm
3D ManActions provide a great way to easily add interactivity to your SSRS reports.  You can assign links to other reports (known as drillthrough reports), bookmarks or URLs.  This functionality may be added to any drillthrough report action in SSRS 2005 or SSRS 2008: 
  1. In Design view, right-click a report item and choose Properties.
  2. In the Properties dialog box for that report item, click Action in 2008 or Navigation in 2005.
  3. Select Go to report in 2008 or Jump to report in 2005.  Additional sections appear in the dialog box for this option.
  4. In Select a report from the list in 2008 or under Jump to report in 2005, type or select the name of the report you want to jump to.
  5. If your report contains parameters, define them in the Use these parameters to run the report section 2008 or by clicking on the Parameters button in 2005.  Click Add.  A new row is added to the parameters grid.  In the Name field type in the name of the report parameter.  In the Value field, type in a value or enter an expression.
  6. To test the link, run the report and click the report item.
Looking for a solution to manage Crystal and SSRS reports inside of Dynamics GP quickly and easily?  An online demo of GP Reports Viewer is available anytime on our demo web page.  If you would like to schedule a live demo of GP Reports Viewer with us, please call 212-254-4112 and choose option 1 for Sales or e-mail sales@flex-solutions.com.  You can also download a fully functional trial for the Dynamics GP sample company.  Expiring registration keys are available upon request if you would like to test GP Reports Viewer with your company data. 
Victoria Yudin
Dynamics GP MVP (2005-2010)
Flexible Solutions, Inc.
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