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Happy September Everyone!

September is a transition month in my eyes.  Summer weather is still here but those lazy days are gone as we send the kids back to school and get back into the yearly routine.  Those of you in the north need to absorb and store all the warmth you can right now since we all know what is on the way!
This month we have ideas for the kitchen as we start to spend a little more time there with recipes to make your mouth water.  There are functional crafts, ladder helpers, green tips, and travel thoughts....much to learn and enjoy for September!

NEWS:  We've updated our site to help you find projects more easily.  There are now categories in each section and some are chock full, others will require more writing on our parts, but it will come!

APPEARANCE:  If you are in the Sarasota area on September 22, Matt and I will be speaking about fall and winter projects at The Glenridge at Palmer Ranch from 2 - 4pm.  There will be a wine and cheese reception following and we'll sign books and chat with all attendees!
Shari and Matt

In This Issue
Bargain Kitchen Makeovers
How to Start a Book Club
Pencil Pleat Draperies
Six Additional Quilt Blocks
Working with Ladders
Society of Decorating Professionals
Bargain Kitchen Makeover
 learn how to update your kitchen using inexpensive ideas.
 Matt always says he loves decorating kitchens because there's no furniture to move around!  What he doesn't realize is that there are plenty of other projects to keep us busy, and many of them are about creating and highlighting special details in the room.  Details in a kitchen are one of the ways you can make your kitchen better than run of the mill and they don't have to cost an arm and a leg!
 How to start a book club
Starting a book club is easy, by following these simple steps.
Reading is a glorious pastime and starting a book club is a great way to promote it in your family.  What's a book club?  Well, generally it's a mother and daughter or father and son thing but mix it up any way you like.  The point is to get into reading, experience all the joy's it has to offer, and share your experiences with others.

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Pencil Pleat Draperies
Pencil Pleat Draperies are a beautiful way to decorate any window.
This is my first try at pencil pleated draperies, but at this writing I have the first panel complete and it was a snap!  The toughest part is actually finding the pencil pleating tape.  I finally went to the internet and found a supplier called Atlanta Thread and Supply Company.  They appear to be a supplier to drapery and clothing workrooms but they sent out just what I needed and got it to me fast.  You can't ask for more than that!
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Six additional quilt blocks
  the final addition to Shari's Sampler Quilt

For those of you interested in making your quilt a bit more of a lap blanket than a wall hanging, I have put together a couple of ideas for you in the way of six additional blocks.  This will change the finished size from approximately 41" by 55" for a 6 block sampler to about 58" by 72". Follow Shari as she comletes her sampler quilt.

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If you've checked out all the new stuff, don't forget that the old stuff is still great and may be more what you're looking for at this time.  Take notice of our new sponsors too.  We have some pretty cool people believing in us and we appreciate their support.   Click on their ads to learn more about their products and services. Remember we add new things all the time, so check back often. 

emember, there is something for everyone at and new things are being added throughout the month so stop back often! 
Yours Truly! 
Shari and Matt

Working with Ladders
This artilce talks about ladder safety and great tools to use with ladders
As someone who has spent many hours of their working life on a ladder, I feel that I can safely say I know my way around ladders.  I have cleaned gutters from a ladder, replaced a flag pole rope on a ladder, hung thousands of shelves and pictures, painted more walls and ceilings than I care to count, installed new flood lights and I have even painted a church steeple!

Because of all this experience, I thought I knew or had figured out just about every method of painting from a ladder.
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The Society of Decorating
As someone who has landed on Matt and Shari's Decorating page, there's a good chance that you are passionate about decorating!  If, as soon as you walk into a room, you find yourself mentally planning your vision for the room, if your wallet has more fabric samples, paint swatches and HomeGood receipts than cash or if you wonder how a house is ever going to sell "in that condition?!", then let me tell you about a group of folks who share your passion!
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