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Fall 2012
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Raffi's #belugagrads Concerts

We are pleased to announce Raffi #belugagrads Concerts in these cities:

  • October 20 - Victoria, BC - McPherson Playhouse - 1:00pm and 4:00pm
    Second show on sale September 14.
  • October 21 - Vancouver, BC - The Centre in Vancouver for Performing Arts - 2:00pm and 4:30pm. Second show on sale September 14.
  • October 27 - Seattle, WA -Moore Theatre - 2:00pm
  • December 2 - Toronto, ON - Roy Thomson Hall - 2:00 pm and 4:30pm. Second show on sale September 14.
  • December 3 - Ottawa, ON - Centrepoint - 7:00pm. On sale September 14.
  • March 23 - Calgary, AB - Jack Singer Hall - 2:00pm. On sale September 14th.
  • March 24 - Edmonton, AB - Winspear Centre - 2:00pm. On sale September 14th.
Proceeds benefit The Centre for Child Honouring

Raffi Concert
Visit for more info
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On Hockey Days

On Hockey Days

We are into hockey season again, so if you don't know Raffi's song "On Hockey Days" please visit our website: buy it on iTunes, and see the video (post a comment!):

It's great fun, and another way that Raffi and the Centre are working to help create "a culture of respect" for children and our world.

* Help this song spread all over North America: please ask your local arena to play "On Hockey Days" as part of their music playlists.


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Raffi - Recent TEDx Talks & Blogs

Raffi's TEDx Talks:
- TEDxYYC in Calgary
- TEDxVictoria
We invite you to post a comment & share!

Raffi's newest blogs:
- My Dear Kavna: A Whale of a Love Story
The Environment Is Dead: Long Live Mother Nature 
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Upcoming Events


david amram


October 10th 7pm - The Fritz Cinema, Salt Spring Island


We will be presenting the film:


David Amram: The First 80 years

The life and times of Classical/Jazz/film score composer/conductor/jazz french hornist/world musician and Beat novelist Jack Keroauc's musical collaborator, David Amram.

Raffi will introduce the film and talk about his friend,
David Amram, whose name made a rhyme in his
1976 "Peanut Butter Sandwich" song!



Mark your calendars!
Speaker Series Event - Sunday November 18th 2pm
Harbour House Orchard Room
Topic: Internet privacy for children & youth
Details to be posted on the Centre website.

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Donating: Online Tax Receipts (in 14 different currencies)

The Centre can now give online tax receipts (in 14 different currencies) for all donations done through our website.

Donating this way helps keep our administration fees down and makes your donation go further. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Centre or renewing your support by visiting our Be a Friend page.

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 Notable Books

anti-romantic child
The Anti-Romantic Child: A Story of Unexpected Joy
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