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Stuff you're interested in, but too embarrassed to admit.              June 16, 2010
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Did you miss us last week? I know, we missed you, too, but its' summer and we're only sending you notes every two weeks.  We'll be back to weekly missives in the fall.  You know, you should take some time off, too!


Adriana from Gillette'Press 3' for nose hair tips

Here is a truism: Women dress for women, not men.  In fact, women don't believe anything men say when it comes to hairstyles, fashion, or lipstick color.  For you women readers, when was the last time you asked a man if they thought your outfit looked all right, only to horribly regret following his advice later on?  And you men, how many times have you choked when asked if those pants made her butt look big?  Women don't trust what men say when they answer.

Men, on the other hand, are perfectly happy to be groomed by a woman. Even a fake one, if Gillette's new campaign is to be believed. [more]

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June 14-20 is Men's Health Week, and while most publications are addressing the big issues like weight, heart health and prostrate issues, we here at LookinGood know how important good grooming is to a man's overall health.  So, we review products for giving their skin a good scrubbing.

Finally, summer is upon us and everyone is out in the sun.  Now would be a good time for you to review the EWG's 2010 Suncreen Guide. Environmental Working Group, that tutelary gang of scientists who monitor everything man-made for its environmental impact, has released it's latest study, and the news is no better than it was last year.  The sunscreen market is disingenuous and intentionally bewildering, according to the group. EWG's research team found that "92 percent of brand name sunscreens either don't sufficiently protect skin from sun damage or contain hazardous chemicals - or both."

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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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