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Stuff you're too embarrassed to ask about.                May 19, 2010
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Catherine Greig 1992 / 1990
Catherine Greig 1992
Tracking the criminal body

Boston has a notorious mobster who has been on the lamb for 16 years and is presumed to be very much alive.  On the eve of his arrest, he and his girlfriend were tipped off, so they slipped off - and haven't been caught yet.  Whitey Bulger is now 81 years old and Catherine Greig is 59. Not exactly Bonnie and Clyde mind you, but Whitey is on the FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted List - right under Osama Bin Laden.

One day not long ago, a crack FBI agent found that Greig had some plastic surgery done before she disappeared.  Whitey likes his girls young and sassy, evidently.  She had a facelift, a nose job, liposuction, and breast implants, and she was only 43 years old then. It must have been an AHA! moment when the agent also realized that it was highly likely that she (and perhaps even HE) might be a candidate for cosmetic adjustments in the future.  So, what did the Bureau do?

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A new analysis by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics and Environmental Working Group reveals that top-selling fragrance products - from Glow by JLO and Calvin Klein Eternity, to Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce and Old Spice body spray - contain multiple allergens and hormone-disrupting chemicals linked to asthma attacks, headaches and serious long-term effects such as infertility, thyroid problems and increased risk of cancer.  Many of the chemicals were not listed on labels, and most have not been assessed for safety by the beauty industry's self-policing review panels.

The drumbeat started with LookinGood's Michelle, who insisted she wanted to test it.  At the International Health and Beauty Show in New York, the company took up more floor space than a Rolling Stones stage.  Even my real estate broker started asking about it last summer.  So we're a little late, but the results are in.
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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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