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Things you're too embarrassed to ask about.                     April 21, 2010
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Pattison-inspired eyebrowsEyebrow madness

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Lucky for you, I plan to be short-winded about this.  But I ask you to look at the picture next to this text and ask yourself a question: Do I really care about anybody's eyebrows?  This is an important issue, because frankly, we spend a lot of attention them.  Look at that poor kid in the picture!  She's sporting eyebrows inspired by the vampire in Twilight!  And you men - don't you harumph at the subject - we all know you're having yours trimmed and shaped, too, so cork it!

We tweeze, wax, laser, pencil, brush, shave, glue and tattoo, so somebody has to think it's important. Once and for all, I want to know a few things about eyebrows, and I want this information from you, my reader friend. Men! You are not excused from this exercise. Click below and answer a few questions about eyebrows and I will report back the results.

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Diana Lewis JewellGoing Gray Looking Great
My hair has been nearly every color Clairol makes except black, and I almost had that once by accident. I have often vowed to go natural, stop the vicious cycle of expensive stylists, chemical exposure, and crayon color, but it's scary. I worry that when my roots get to be 3 inches, people will think I have been in prison. (Folks who know me wonder why that hasn't happened anyway.) Now I know that my misery does have company - and a book and a website - all about letting your hair go gray and how to live through the transition. [more]

But, guys - not so fastMan at hair salon
Michelle thinks that there is inequality between the sexes, and ventures to correct this social injustice by finding a decent brand of men's hair dye, which they desperately need. It was not an easy task.

FDA warningDoctor checking fat on a patient
We have made a joke about the number of Lipo-something-or-others available to get rid of that extra fat. We have written about VASER Lipo, Lipo-Lite, Smart Lipo, Laser Lipolysis, Water-Assisted lipo and Cryolypolysis. (Try saying that three times real fast.) But the FDA doesn't think Lipodissolve is a joke, and issued a warning to consumers.

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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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