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Things you're too embarrassed to ask about.                     April 7, 2010
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Facebook iconWe have a winner - Donna Driscoll!

Sometime around midnight Eastern Time on March 31st (it was Poker Night), Donna Driscoll's name was pulled from the LookinGood email bag as the big winner of the only cash contest we have ever had - and hopefully, the first of many! 

The bookkeeper from Braintree, Massachusetts won $100 toward any salon, spa or barber shop of her choice, and boy, was the timing perfect!  She is using the prize money for a color and cut and "maybe a mani/pedi" at  Salon Capri in Hyde Park because she is "leaving the next day for Riviera Maya, Cancun...for a much needed vacation."  Now that we know about the vacation, we've changed the terms...

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Puppy in a bathtub Dandying the Dog

LookinGood's Senior Managing Feature Spotlight and Sports Editor, Michelle, is a first rate journalist, but she has a real soft spot for dogs.  So much so, that while she was supposed to be finding personal care products to make us look better than we did on Sunday morning, she found a bunch of salon brand products that give Spot that silky, shiny look.  If you dote on your dog, you'll love this.  [more]

Laser Hair RemovalLaser Hair Removal
Someone told me once that hair follicles don't ever really die.  If that is true, then I think over time they are re-locating neighborhoods - in my case, from my head to my chin. Everyone has hair in the wrong places and the market is full of ways to get rid of it.  LookinGood reviews laser hair removal, a popular method of maybe-not-so-permanent follicle destruction. [more]

Woman's neckWattle away
We have been asked - more than once, so don't be embarrassed - to look into neck creams.  Most of use ignore our necks and long about 40 years of age, the neglect begins to show.  Here are some of the brands and reviews we could find for you. [more]

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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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