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Things you're too embarrassed to ask about.          March 10, 2010
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The Lifestyle LiftBefore/After Lifestyle Lift

Recently, The Boston Globe told the story of a woman who's Lifestyle Lift was no life-lifting matter when she reacted to local anesthesia and died at the outpatient clinic before the surgery was even begun.  The Lifestyle Lift's extensive marketing on TV and online have made it nearly ubiquitous in the quick-fix beauty industry, but also brought it to the attention of the New York Attorney General who slapped it with a $300,000 fine for deceptive advertising after catching the company posting bogus patient testimonials.

Nonetheless, the company boasts over a 100,000 satisfied customers and there are plenty of reviews online by happy women who have undergone this lunchtime lift at half the cost and downtime of a normal facelift.

So what is it?  A good way to explain what it is, is to explain what it is not. Read on.

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red fingernailsNail options
It was all so easy, albeit often gagging, when fingernails could be strengthened by merely drinking this gelatinous additive to your juice called Knox Gelatin.  Now the options concentrate on the external, not the internal.  Cracked, weak nails a problem? Click here for help.

Cellulite diminisherspinching cellulite
Spring has sprung and over the winter, so did the elastic in my underwear. I can live with a few extra pounds, but  that dimpling on my upper arms and thighs just in time for bathing suit weather just won't cut it.  There are a multitude of products that claim to rid my ripples.  LookinGood takes a look at the product shelves.

worried looking man with wifeArch rivals
And speaking of lifts, is your forehead starting to look like a hound dog's?  Do your friends and family constantly ask you what's wrong, even when you're reading the comics?  Maybe you just need to get rid of the worry lines in your forehead.  Let LookinGood explain a brow lift to you.

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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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