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Things you're too embarrassed to ask about.          March 3, 2010
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Two women in burqasThe Footerella
I have joked - perhaps in poor taste, but that's just me - that on some days, a burqa seems like a really good idea.  The traditional Islamic garment that envelopes a woman completely has its merits, don't you think?  No hassle dressing, no messing with the hairdo, no makeup, no jewelry, no worries.

Not so fast.  One of the featured products at the Arab Health 2010 Conference last month in Dubai was "a discreet portable electronic device which tightens and tones women's feet."  According to the Dubai Podiatry Centre, The Footerella Device uses electrical stimulation to contract muscles resulting in,  "...a decrease in shoe size by ½ to one full size."

Shoe size?  Forget my hips, my butt, that double chin, now I need to worry about my feet?  Oh, my "dogs" are barkin' just thinking about it.  Read on.

Personal Care and fine foodsDHC logo
DHC is an odd Japanese company that features products for external and internal vitality.  LookinGood reviews their catalog, a cellulite diminisher and some waxy stuff for the face.  [more]

Eye Whitening

In truth, it grossed us out.  Michelle could barely write about it.  I kept getting the shivers editing the story, all the while hoping this was another joke.  But we heard from the doctor and he says it's for real - you can get those "liver lines" and spots removed from your eyeballs.  Here's how.

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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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