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Highlights from the world of vanity.                          February 10, 2010
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Research PeopleStemming the cell loss

There is an interesting and rapidly expanding movement going on in the esthetics world and it's all about stem cells.  It is pretty remarkable that just a short time ago, all hell was breaking loose on the political scene about the subject, and now it is on the front page of New Beauty magazine as the anti-aging breakthrough of the century.  Evidently, stem cells retrieved from liposuction can be reused in skin care products and fat transfer procedures.  If that means that they've figured out how to take the fat out of my hips and put it where my cheekbones used to be, hallelujah, there is hope for me after all!  Of course, it might not be quite that simple...

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Baring the Bare Minerals
Mama taught me young not to leave the house without a little foundation and lipstick.  But Mama, "it feels so low, where do I go", to find an application that won't make me look like an over-madeup anchorwoman and won't take all morning?  LookinGood reviews Bare Minerals foundation after several weeks of use.  Get our opinion here.

Single pretty eyeEye Lifts
My friend told me that she looked in the mirror one day and realized that her face had become a permanent hangover, despite the fact that she hasn't had a drink in years.  A suburban man heard me say the word blepharoplasty and insisted on telling me everything about the procedure that gave him part of his sight back.  Click here for our eye-opening report.

Annoying business practices, at best
Dermitage complaints are all over the Internet for unfair business practices -  some even say fraudulent.  People report that shipping charges turn close to a hundred dollars within a month, and no one is answering the phone.  Be forewarned.
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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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