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Highlights from the world of vanity.                          February 3, 2010
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The REAL reasons to watch
 Super Bowl 2010

On February 7, we will forego that trip to Sephora, toss those tweezers, and take a break from reruns of  "Nip/Tuck," because Sunday, all that's LookinGood to us is Super Bowl XLIV. 

We could tell you we're doing it because it's the best that football has to offer, comparing Drew Brees' quarterback rating (116.1) to Peyton Manning's (104.6), for instance. We could debate the Colts' experience vs. the Saints' emotion or even dissect the defenses. But this is LookinGood, so we're gonna give you the real reasons that we, and those who think like us, will be watching. Read on.

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Plastic Surgery paradiseTropical Island
Can you believe that Lebanon is such a popular plastic surgery destination that they market themselves as Nip/Tuck and Tan?  If you're looking for another reason for a winter vacation, LookinGood will give you one.

Best/Worst graphic  The Products of 2009

There are more than 250,000 active personal care products listed in the US Patent and Trade Office database.LookinGood doesn't quite have them all reviewed yet, so we have been waiting for other reliable sources. We share them with you here.

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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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