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Highlights from the world of vanity.                          January 13, 2009
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GinaNew from LookinGood

I'd like to direct your attention to a new feature on the left called "Ask LookinGood" where we encourage you to use us as your Personal Concierge.  Our friend Betsy, for example, wanted to know what kind of toner to use.  Another friend wanted to know about cosmetic tattooing.  Still another wondered about transgender operations, but we sent him/her elsewhere.
Also on our LookinGood home page, we now feature a Twitter roll, filled with sales, articles and information from other sources.  You may not Tweet - but you can take advantage of the deals. 

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Here's to LookinGood in 2010!

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Dr. Linda PapadopoulosPut a little love in your skin

Dr. Linda Papadolpolous, the UK's television pop-psychologist with the best body on either continent (who is also not afraid to show it), is creating a new movement in beauty and grooming: Psychodermatology.  So compelling is her union of psychology, chemicals and skin care, that industry trend-tracker Mintel predicts others will follow in creating new "mood beauty" brands in 2010.

Adding ingredients into skin care products that work on neurotransmitters in the brain goes way beyond aromatherapy. [more]

Speaking of double-dutyDetective with lipstick
2LoveMy Lip Gloss, another product coming soon to the states via the UK, is taking a new approach to marketing by including a personal safety feature with their product.  Predators beware, and lip gloss users, read the details here.
Fading scars
Stretch marks, acne scars and old wounds may visualize your life story, but some of us would like a little mystery in that narrative.  LookinGood takes a serious look at products that help fade and erase scars of all kinds.  There's plenty of them to choose from.  Click here for the full story. 
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Gina Maniscalco,
Chief Vanity Officer

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